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Universal Refillable Cup

Universal Refillable Cup

The Universal Refillable Cup entitles you to unlimited free refills of Coke products at the Universal parks.

Coke Freestyle machines are located throughout both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. With these machines, you can get your favorite Coca-Cola product in various flavors.


Does Universal Have Refillable Cups??

You can now enjoy Coca-Cola products all day long at Universal Studios in Orlando!

The new refillable cups are available for purchase at all three parks (Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay). They can be used at Coca-Cola Freestyle machines throughout the day.

The cups are double-walled to keep your drink cold and come in a variety of fun designs.

Best of all, they’re reusable – so you can help reduce waste while enjoying delicious Coca-Cola products all day long!

Universal Refillable Cups

What Is The Universal Refillable Cup?

If you’re a fan of Universal Studios, then you know all about their refillable cups.

These bad boys are big and heavy-duty, perfect for holding all the soda or water you can drink while you’re exploring the park.

But what you might not know is that the design of the Universal Studios refillable cup (for 2024) has no straw or handle.

That’s right, no more sipping your drinks through a straw or carrying your cup around with two hands.

While some people might find this annoying, we think it’s actually a good thing.

First of all, it cuts down on waste (since straws are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to pollution).

And secondly, it makes the cup more durable and sturdy. You don’t have to worry about it breaking if it gets dropped.

All in all, we think the new design is a step in the right direction. Let’s talk more about the Universal refillable cup!

How Much Is The Refillable Cup at Universal?

Universal Studio’s refillable cups are a great deal for parkgoers! For $17.99 plus tax, you can get unlimited drinks every ten minutes until the park closes.

And if you want to reuse your cup, you can reactivate it for only $10.99 plus tax. That’s a savings of over 50%! So, if you’re planning on spending a day at the park, be sure to pick up a refillable cup. Take advantage of this great deal.

How Do The Refillable CUps Work at Universal?

There are several Coke Freestyle machines at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

There are a total of 8 Coca-Cola Freestyle Stations in Volcano Bay, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Islands of Adventure, and other locations.

When you get to the machine, use your cup to activate the refill; it’s that easy!

There is a small RFID chip embedded in the bottom of the cup. This chip is used to keep track of how many refills you have purchased.

When you buy the cup, the employee will put it on a special machine at check-out and activate the chip. Each time you return your cup for refilling, the employee will scan it, and your information will be updated in your account. You may then use this data to look up your balance of refills for the day.

Reusing Universal Studios Refillable Cups

If you’re planning on visiting Universal Studios more than once a year, then it might be worth considering purchasing a refillable cup.

For an additional $10.99 plus tax, you can reactive your cup and use it on future visits. This is a great option if you’re planning on visiting the park multiple times.

Reactivation can be done at any of the Coca-Cola Freestyle locations within the park. It is quick and easy to do. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to save money on drinks, then consider purchasing a refillable cup from Universal Studios.

If you forget your refillable cup, then you will have to buy a new one. At the regular price of $17.99 plus tax.

How Long Will Your Universal Refillable Cup Last?

The Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup is a great way to save money on drinks while you’re at Universal Studios.

Once you purchase or reactivate your cup, the RFID chip will be active for the entire day. You can use your cup at all participating Coca-Cola Freestyle locations until the park closes.

After that, you can reactive and use your Universal Studios refillable cup inside the parks for as long as the RFID chip works.

I’ve read reports on folks coming back to the parks with their cups years later and having it work.

What Are The Drink Options With The Universal Refillable Cup?

These cups can be filled up with a range of drinks from the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines or ICEE drinks from all eligible locations within the parks.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle machines provide you with more than 100 different drink combinations. They vary from classic Coca-Cola to cherry Coke Zero.

And if soda isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options available from the ICEE machines.

Universal Refillable Cups

Universal Studios Coke Freestyle Refill Locations

Universal Studios Florida Coke Freestyle Refill Locations

  • Classic Monsters Cafe
  • Central Park Crepes
  • Monsters Cafe Beverage and Food Stand
  • Mel’s Drive-In
  • Louie’s Italian Restaurant
  • Richter’s Burger Co.
  • Kid Zone Pizza Co.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure Coke Freestyle Refill Locations

  • The Watering Hole
  • Pizza Predatoria
  • The Burger Digs
  • Comic Strip Cafe
  • Circus McGurkus
  • Captain America Diner

Volcano Bay Coke Freestyle Refill Locations

  • Bambu
  • Whakawaiwai Eats
  • Kohola Reef Restaurant

CityWalk Freestyle Refill Stations

Universal’s CityWalk also has a giant Coke Icon stand right in the center of it, which is a great place to stop to refill your beverages. 

Universal Studios Souvenir Character Cups

On your next trip to Universal Studios, be sure to pick up one of the souvenir cups featuring your favorite characters! These cups are great for both collecting and practical purposes.

Unlike the Coca-Cola Freestyle cups, they cannot be refilled, but they do come with an RFID chip inside them.

The designs on the cups are always changing. You can be sure to find one that fits your personal style.

The current cost of a cup is $18 plus tax, and it comes with a free refill at any approved location within the park. However, for Coca-Cola branded fountain sodas or Icee beverages after this. Each refill costs $4.19 plus tax or $6.00 plus tax, respectively.

Using The Universal Studios Refillable Cups For Butterbeer

However, there is one area of the park where the refillable cups cannot be used: the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Sadly, Butterbeer cannot be purchased using the Universal Studios refillable cup. Instead, Butterbeer will come in its own specially designed plastic cup.

Keep in mind that you cannot refill your cup at a Coca-Cola Freestyle inside either Wizarding World (Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade). Therefore, I suggest filling up your cup before entering these parts of the park.

Is The Universal Studios Cup Worth It?

Over the past decade, we’ve been to Universal Studios as broke students and as annual pass-holding adults. Throughout all those trips, we’ve always purchased a Universal Studios refillable cup.

We think the Universal Studios refillable cup program is such good value for money. So we decided to purchase a cup even when traveling on a tight budget.

For a few dollars more than the cost of a single-day ticket, you may consume unlimited fountain drinks throughout your stay. This is at any of the four theme parks or CityWalk for the duration of your vacation.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, the cups are also eco-friendly. They can be refilled an unlimited number of times during your visit.

The initial cost is higher than buying a fountain beverage, but if you factor in the cost of reactivating the cup over multiple days, then it quickly becomes more economical.

For example, if you purchase the cup on day one and then reactivate it twice more during your visit, you’ll end up spending less than if you had bought three fountain beverages.

What If Your Universal Studios Refillable Cup Breaks?

On our most recent trip to Universal Studios Orlando, I noticed that our refillable cup was leaking, and some of the beverage was spilling out as I went to drink. In this case, I took the cup to one of the nearby Coca-Cola refill stations and spoke to a member of staff.

The team member was very friendly and happy to replace the cup with a new one without any issues. I was impressed with the level of customer service and how easy it was to get a replacement cup.

Universal Studios Hotel Refillable Cups At The Universal Studios Parks

If you’re looking to enjoy unlimited refillable drinks at a Universal Studios hotel, you’ll need to purchase a refillable cup at the hotel and then a separate refillable cup at the parks.

Unfortunately, you’re also unable to use the hotel refillable cups at different hotels. This means if you purchase your hotel refillable cup at Cabana Bay, then all refills of that cup are only possible at Cabana Bay and not at any of the other on-site Universal Studios hotels.

While it’s disappointing that you can’t use the same cup across all of the Universal Studios properties, it’s still possible to take advantage of the many dining options and save money by using a refillable cup.

Universal Studios offers refillable cups that come with a variety of designs and can be used at all Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in the parks. The cups are double-walled to keep your drink cold and reusable. For $17.99 plus tax, you can get unlimited drinks every ten minutes until the park closes.

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