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About me

Hi there, I'm Krystel

A millenial from Central New Jersey who loves Walt Disney World.  I might have been the youngest Disney Vacation Club, (Disney’s version of a timeshare),  owner of all time and I’ve been there more than four dozen times.  I am also the author and creator of Planning The Magic. 

My mission here at PTM is to make your vacation perfect and extraordinary, no matter your budget.

Otherwise, I have a Master of Science in Operations and Project Management and a Bachelor’s from Rutgers University.  I work 9-5 as a Project Manager to support my family.


I started Planning The Magic because of my first solo trip to Walt Disney World.  I was midway through putting myself through college and currently in the college version of broke.

I have a sister, Mia, who is more than a decade younger than me, so one year I decided I was going to take her to WDW.  Just me and her.

I worked every single day for 6 months as a lifeguard.  12-hour shifts, nothing less.  I found every budget trick there was and got us there.  We didn’t stay on site but we had a great time.

Say Hi to 10 year old Mia and my motivation.

If this is your first time visiting, I’d love for you to get to know me better. If you have some time read more about my 2012 trip that turned into a fairytale.

But this site isn’t all about me


Now I go to Disney World at least four times a year, and it’s only possible because I’ve found every best-kept secret to save money on a Disney trip.

I’ve gone to Disney World for a weekend and barely spent a dime over $300.

I do every vacation just like this, on a budget.  Because why spend money that doesn’t need to be spent?

And I share all of those tips with you here. 

I do this by providing insider information and easy-to-use tools for all aspects of your vacation budget. 

The Blog

I post weekly.  Whether it’s about saving money at Disney World or on other awesome family travel adventures that I did on a budget.

2021 Guide

This year’s guide to going to Disney World on a budget.  Bring your notepad!

The savings you crave.

Disney vacations are about more than research and getting all your ducks in a row-but these are really great places to start!

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