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The Ultimate Guide to Snow White at Disney World

snow white at disney world

Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! To Disney World, We Go! How can you see Snow White at Disney World?

Snow White holds a special place in Disney fans’ and cinema geeks’ hearts. As Disney’s first full-length animated film, Snow White is not only the original Disney princess but also paved the way for many more iconic animated films to come. 

Without Snow White, movies that it inspired, like The Wizard of Oz and Disney as we know it, would not be the same! It was even one of the first 25 movies to be added to the National Film Registry at the United States Library of Congress!

Did you know that Walt Disney mortgaged his home to finance the movie and then used much of the profits to make Walt Disney Studios in Burbank?

For many Disney fans, her importance to both Disney and the world of animation makes seeing Snow White at Disney World a must. Whether she is your favorite princess or just one of many on your list to see, this post will tell you everything there is to know about Disney World’s Snow White.

Where can you see Snow White at Disney World?

In order to make sure that you get a chance to see Snow White, it is best to go in with a game plan. While you could roam the parks hoping to bump into her, you can guarantee that you will see her (without the aimless roaming!) if you put one of these locations on your list of places to visit. Want to make your Disney trip planning easier? I now plan Disney trips; learn more here.

To find Snow White even easier on your trip to Disney World, take a look at these Disney World maps.

Disney Princess Storybook Dining

At the Norweigan pavilion at Epcot, the Akershus Royal Banquet storybook dining is a place where you can see many princesses, not just Snow White. This is a delicious buffet that is a fan favorite for many. Not every princess will be there every time you go for a bite to eat, but Snow White is there more often than not! 

The Akershus Royal Banquet is also a place where you can get breakfast reservations before the park opens! While you are at Epcot, be sure to check out my ultimate ranking of the restaurants at Epcot.

Snow White at Epcot

There is also a Character meet for Snow White at Epcot’s German pavilion. Be sure to check out the My Disney Experience app for showtimes to make sure that you don’t miss seeing her! It is also best to show up a little early to avoid having to wait a long time before hanging out with Snow White. 

Did you know Snow White is based on a German fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm? This is why her character is at the German Pavilion.

Storybook Dining at Artist Point in Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Another dining location where you can see the original princess is Artist Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Unlike the one at the Norweigan pavilion, Snow White is the host of this storybook dining so is always ready to greet you with her friends Grumpy and Dopey. The special thing about this restaurant is that the Evil Queen is also there for photos!

Snow White at Magic Kingdom

I had the pleasure of finding Snow White at Magic Kingdom, and it was such a wonderful experience. As a big fan of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I was determined to meet her in person and get a photo with her.

After asking a Cast Member for directions, I made my way to Princess Fairytale Hall and waited in line.

When it was finally my turn, I was thrilled to see Snow White in all her glory. With her beautiful dress and signature red bow. She was so kind and friendly, and we even had a little conversation about my favorite scene from the movie.

But where else can you see Snow White at Magic Kingdom?

Cinderella’s Royal Table

At Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom, you can see Snow White. As well as many other princesses visiting with guests while they dine. You will be greeted by Cinderella herself before being brought to your table. 

While she is not always there, Snow White is a frequent guest of Cinderella’s Royal Table. She is always ready to say hello and talk to other little princes and princesses about their adventures. 

This is a more expensive dining option than the Akershus Royal Banquet. Reservations can be harder to come by, so make sure you plan ahead! If this is where you want to say hello to Snow White at Disney World, also make sure you have your camera with you because there will not be photographers at the table when the princess visits. 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 

As expected, the Seven Dwarfs mine train is a guaranteed way to see Snow White at Disney World. As you ride this popular ride at the Magic Kingdom, you will see not only Snow White dancing but also the Dwarfs working in the mine. Even the Evil Queen offering her poisoned apple. 

However, unlike the restaurants and character meet on this list, this ride primarily uses animatronics to bring the ride to life. You won’t have a chance to take a picture with the princess while riding in the mine cart!

Did you know there were over 50 suggested names for the Dwarfs?

Princess Fairytale Hall

Once again, in Magic Kingdom, Princess Fairytale Hall is a place to meet and spend time with a bunch of different princesses. If you want to see Snow White, you will need to make sure that she is one of the princesses available at the time of your visit.

Holiday Events and Parades

While these don’t happen every day, another way to see Snow White at Disney World is to go to the holiday parades. Snow White and the Evil Queen are regulars in Mickey’s Boo to You parade during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. You can also see Snow White (with her prince this time) if you see Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. 

Another fun part of these events is that you can have a character meet with all seven of the dwarfs at once! These events are some of the only times that are even possible. This makes it a definite consideration for people wanting to see everything Snow White is to see and experience at Disney World.

Did you know: The Seven Dwarfs are extremely popular but do not make appearances in many additional animated works. This is because it is so hard to animate them all efficiently!

Is the Snow White ride still at Disney World?

Yes and no. The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that I mentioned earlier is still up and running in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

However, some people might remember Snow White’s Scary Adventures. This was a dark ride that opened with Disneyland back in 1955. The Magic Kingdom version of the ride was built in 1971. This ride was renovated a few times to make it a little less scary than the original rid. and to keep it up to date with renovations and adjustments they were making on the Disneyland ride.

Unfortunately for the fans of this dark ride, the Magic Kingdom attraction closed in 2012. The space was replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall!  Luckily, the ride is still open at Disneyland. It recently underwent some renovation that added a happy ending sequence and renamed the ride to Snow White’s Enchanted Wish. The new version of the ride was revealed in December 2020 at Disneyland.

So while this is a good option to experience some of the magic of Snow White at Disneyland, this “scary” ride is no longer available for visitors to Disney World.

Famous Snow White Quotes

From songs like the Dwarfs’ “Heigh Ho” and Snow White’s singing into the wishing well. There are some quotes and songs that people always associate with Snow White. 

“I’m wishing for the one I love to find me today”

“Whistle while you work!”

“Once there was a princess…”

“There’s nobody like him anywhere at all.”

Did you know: “Some Day My Prince Will Come” has become a jazz standard and has been recorded by many famous jazz artists? It was also the name of an album for Miles Davis!

Snow White’s Impact on Pop Culture

Snow White’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. 

The 1937 Disney animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was not only a critical and commercial success but also a cultural phenomenon that has endured for over 80 years. 

The film’s popularity spawned countless merchandise, re-releases, adaptations, and parodies, making Snow White a ubiquitous figure in popular culture. Other media, such as television, literature, and music, have also referenced or alluded to Snow White, cementing her status as a cultural icon.

Furthermore, Snow White’s impact extends beyond entertainment and into social and political spheres, as scholars have analyzed the film’s themes and messages regarding gender, race, and power dynamics. 

In short, Snow White’s impact on pop culture is profound and multifaceted. Her influence will continue to be felt for generations to come.

Snow White’s Influence on Other Disney Princesses 

Snow White, the first Disney Princess, has had a significant influence on the other Disney Princesses that followed her. 

Her graceful, gentle and kind nature has set a standard for other princesses to emulate. 

Snow White’s iconic appearance, with her dark hair, pale skin and red lips. Sh e has also influenced the physical appearance of other princesses. Such as Aurora and Cinderella. Additionally, Snow White’s story of finding true love with a prince has become a recurring theme in many other Disney Princess movies. 

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