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Popcorn Bucket – Disney Edition

Who doesn’t love a Disney refillable popcorn bucket? There are so many options that change throughout the year, with different seasons and themes to go along with new movies or attractions during that time of year. 

Like who can forget the super cool Oogie Boogie refillable souvenir popcorn buckets in the fall of 2019? They were so epic and so popular that apparently the lines were incredibly long, even longer than some of the lines for the nearby rides! 

With so many options and so many locations at both Disneyland and Disney World, how can you know the best way to get your souvenir refillable popcorn bucket? And how do you know which lines will be the shortest? Well, do not fret! Here is Planning The Magic’s Guide to Popcorn Buckets at both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort.

popcorn bucket disney

Popcorn Bucket Disney Parks Locations

Walt Disney World

You can purchase and refill your popcorn buckets at multiple locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. 

This includes all the theme parks—the Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom—one of the water parks—Blizzard Beach– and Disney Springs. Do not worry. I am going to lay it all out for you, so you know where the best places are to buy and refill your souvenir popcorn buckets!

TIP: If there is a specific theme of popcorn bucket you are looking for, go to a location where that theme is popular. If you would like a Toy Story themed bucket, go to Hollywood Studios or Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom: Locations & Tips

  • There is a popcorn cart on Main Street near the front entrance. This spot usually very busy, especially earlier in the day when guests are entering the park. 
  • Another popcorn cart nearby is also on Main Street but near the entrance to Tomorrowland. This spot is often less crowded than the other Main Street popcorn cart. 
  • You can also find a popcorn cart inside Tomorrowland. This spot can be moderately crowded. That is why I recommend going to this location if you feel you have the time, or you see that the line is short as you are passing by. 
  • There is a popcorn cart inside Fantasyland– between Ariel ride and Gaston’s Tavern. This popcorn cart is usually a little less crowded, so this should be a good spot to get your Disney souvenir popcorn bucket. 
  • Inside Storybook Circus is another popcorn cart that is probably going to be the least crowded location in the entire park. That is why this is my top choice for purchasing or refilling your popcorn bucket. 
  • The popcorn cart inside Liberty Square is moderately crowded. That is why I recommend only doing it if you see that the line is short. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found in Frontierland near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This popcorn cart is usually pretty crowded, so I do not recommend waiting in line here for your refillable popcorn bucket. 
  • There is another popcorn cart in Frontierland near Westward Ho. Of both popcorn carts in Frontierland, this one usually has a shorter line. So, I recommend going to this location rather than the other spot. 
  • You can find the last popcorn cart in Adventureland. This popcorn cart is probably the least busy in the entire Magic Kingdom park. 

Epcot: Locations & Tips

  • There is a popcorn cart near Future World park entrance. This spot is generally pretty busy since it is just inside the park. I recommend skipping this one and head over to the cart in the Imagination Pavilion. 
  • The Imagination Pavilion popcorn cart is rarely busy. That is why I think it is a good place to get a souvenir popcorn bucket or refill it later. 
  • You can find another popcorn cart near Test Track. This spot for popcorn is usually pretty busy since people buy popcorn before waiting in the long line for Test Track. I do not recommend it. 
  • One of the coolest popcorn carts is in the pavilion for Canada. This spot is pretty crowded since you can get unique, Canadian popcorn here. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found in the American Adventure Pavilion. This spot is also pretty crowded since it is one of the only popcorn spots in the World Showcase. However, it is a little less crowded than the Canada pavilion. 

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Locations & Tips

  • There is a popcorn cart in Disney’s Hollywood Studios near Starbucks. This spot is usually pretty busy. That is why I do not recommend waiting in line here unless you see that the line is pretty short. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found outside the Hyperion Theatre, where the American Idol Experience used to be. This popcorn cart is pretty crowded too because guests will buy popcorn when they first enter the park. If you see a short line though and you are feeling like some popcorn or want a refillable popcorn bucket, go for it! 
  • You can also find a popcorn cart near the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater. This is one of the least crowded options at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 
  • The last popcorn cart in the park can be found in the Animation Courtyard. This is the other least crowded location in all of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Locations & Tips

  • You can find popcorn at the Mahindi Snack Cart in Harambe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This location is moderately busy, so I recommend checking the line before planning to wait in line. Do not walk across the park just to get to this location. 
  • The Harambe Market also sells popcorn and popcorn buckets. The Harambe Market is not usually very crowded, not when it comes to popcorn.
  • There is an awesome popcorn cart in Dino-Land U.S.A. Dino-Land is rarely busy so this spot for popcorn buckets is a great choice. The entire area is themed after a bad carnival, so it only makes sense that they would have a cool popcorn cart. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found on Discovery Island. Since Discovery Island is the center of the whole park, this spot might be a little crowded. 
  • There is a fun popcorn cart near Expedition Everest. Since this area is full of parents waiting with their kids who were not tall enough for Expedition Everest, this is a popular location for buying popcorn or refilling popcorn buckets while they wait. 

Other Resort Locations & Tips

  • There is only one popcorn cart at either of the water parks. It is at the Blizzard Beach Cooling Hut. This spot can be a little crowded during certain times of the day, but it is rare. People usually do not associate water parks with popcorn, nor do they want to be eating popcorn with wet, chlorine hands. 
  • There are two popcorn cart options in Disney Springs. The first is at the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar. It is usually very busy, though. 
  • The other location where you can buy popcorn at Disney Springs is at the AMC Movie Theatre, obviously. Something else that is really cool about this movie theatre is that you can order a full-blown meal while watching some of the movies there! I loved doing that on our last visit. 
  • Probably the best place to get Disney popcorn outside of the Walt Disney World parks is on the Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. Since it is so little-known, there is hardly ever a long line. Plus, you can pick up your popcorn and then participate in a free bedtime story with Chip ‘n’ Dale! You do not have to be staying on the Campsites or even at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort to participate either! Getting a refillable popcorn bucket here will also come with a really fun memory to cherish for the rest of yours and your family members’ lives for sure. 
popcorn bucket disney

Disneyland Resort:

You can purchase and refill your popcorn buckets at multiple locations throughout the Disneyland Resort. This includes both Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park, but unfortunately not in Downtown Disney.

(TIP: If you want an especially popular and coveted refillable popcorn bucket, go around Halloween Time. Arguably, the coolest of all is the Disney Halloween Popcorn Buckets. Also, yes, “Halloween Time” is a phrase that The Walt Disney Company made up for the fall season at the Disneyland Resort that takes place from early September until early November). 

Here’s where you can find all of these popcorn carts as well as some tips on getting the best ones from the best spots.

Disneyland Park: Locations & Tips

  • There is a popcorn cart across the street from City Hall on Main Street U.S.A. TIP: This location is most popular during the morning, so choose a different time or location if you would like to avoid a long line.
  • You can find another popcorn cart near Star Trader Store in Tomorrowland. TIP: This cart is also pretty popular in the morning but is generally busy all day. I recommend skipping it. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found in the Small World Promenade in Fantasyland, near the Matterhorn Mountain. This location is popular all the time, we recommend just avoiding it unless you see the line is short right as you happen to be passing by. 
  • There is a popcorn cart near Fantasyland Theatre in (you guessed it) Fantasyland. I think this spot is a good choice since the line is usually not too long, as it is slightly hidden away in that area. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found near Gadget’s Go Coaster in Mickey’s Toontown. Mickey’s Toontown is rarely crowded, so this popcorn cart location is probably a good choice. 
  • You can find a popcorn cart near the entrance for the Mark Twain Riverboat in Frontierland. This location is moderately busy. That is why I recommend going there if you feel like you would have the time to do so. 
  • There is a popcorn cart near the entrance to the Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square. This location is probably one of the busiest in the entire park so I recommend skipping it if you can. 

Disney’s California Adventure: Locations & Tips

  • There is a popcorn cart across the street from Carthay Circle on Buena Vista Street. Even though this popcorn cart is closest to the park entrance, it is usually not too crowded. I recommend getting a refillable popcorn bucket at this location for sure. 
  • One of the most popular popcorn locations is the POPCONE at Cozy Cone Motel in Radiator Springs (Carsland). Like I said before, this spot is pretty popular. I am also not sure that they always have souvenir popcorn buckets available. That is why I do not recommend getting your popcorn bucket here. 
  • You can find another popcorn cart near Pixar-Pal-A-Round-Pixar Pier. Since Pixar Pier is generally pretty busy, it is safe to assume that this popcorn cart will likely always have a bit of a long line. 
  • Another popcorn cart can be found in the Grizzly Peak Airfield area, next to Soarin’ Around the World. This area may be a bit crowded, but the popcorn cart still does not normally have a long line. That is why this spot could be a good choice.

Popcorn is one of the most popular snack options at both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort. It is so cool to be able to get a refillable souvenir popcorn bucket as well, you can keep coming back for more and you can keep the souvenir for memories that will last forever! One of the cool parts about purchasing a refillable popcorn bucket from a Disney park is that it can save you money on both snacks and souvenirs! You are basically getting two birds with one stone—or should I say, with one refillable popcorn bucket! I have also heard of people purchasing their popcorn buckets and then putting them on display at their house as they continue to go back to the resorts every year and increase their collection. It is so fun to do. I highly recommend it! 

For more awesome tips on Disney combined with frugal living, check out more of my Disney money-saving tips!

popcorn bucket disney

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