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disney on a budget
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog! Planning The Magic is all about exceptional living on a budget. I give my readers the advice they need to live their best life. How to make your dollar stretch and maybe travel more. I’m a tech-savvy millennial that lives for the latest gadget/electronics. Marketers focus a lot on millennial as they make up a large portion of the “adult” population and being in that age bracket allows me to connect

You can find out more about me HERE.


Statistics: (Updated Jan 2021)

Page Views/Month: 33,000

Unique Monthly Visitors: 12,400

Followers: (Updated Jan 2021)

Facebook: 2,010

Twitter: 2,699

Pinterest: 570,000 Monthly Views

Advertising and Sponsored Post Prices

I’d love to work with you.  Please contact me for pricing and we can work something out.  krystel [at]

Motivational Speaking

I would love to share my story of building my life and many successes with little to no budget! My tale of being a super broke college student who really wanted to take her little sister to Disney will resonate with your audience. My determination will motivate beyond belief.

Pricing is available upon request.

Email: krystel [at]  for more information.

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