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Fastest Ride at Disneyland

Visiting Disneyland is a magical experience for people of all ages. One of the main attractions for thrill-seekers are the fast-paced rides. With a diverse range of roller coasters and attractions, choosing the fastest ride at Disneyland can become quite a challenge for those seeking an adrenaline rush. In this article, we will explore the fastest ride at Disneyland. Let’s make the most of your time at the Happiest Place on Earth.

From classic adventures like Space Mountain to newer additions such as the Incredicoaster, Disneyland offers a variety of high-speed attractions to keep visitors entertained.

While some rides focus on dips and turns, others provide a fabulous narrative experience that takes riders to the center of their favorite stories. The fastest ride, however, takes both speed and excitement to new heights.

Among all the rides found in Disneyland, the Incredicoaster stands out as the fastest. It reaches speeds of up to 55 mph. This exhilarating coaster is inspired by the Pixar Incredibles movies. It blasts off from a standstill to 55 mph in just 4 seconds!

As we delve deeper into the world of Disneyland’s fastest ride, visitors will be better prepared to jump into this thrilling, super-powered experience.

Top 3 Fastest Rides

Incredicoaster – 55MPH (Fastest Ride at Disneyland Park)

The Incredicoaster is the fastest ride at Disneyland, with an impressive top speed of 55 mph. This thrilling roller coaster is located in California Adventure Park, within the exciting Pixar Pier area. Designed to evoke the world of Disney’s superhero family, the Incredibles, this exhilarating ride features a 48-inch height requirement; perfect for those who crave high-speed adventures.

As the attraction blasts off, riders experience dips, turns, and exhilarating speeds. Launched in 2018, the Incredicoaster has quickly become one of the most sought-after experiences at Disneyland.

Radiator Springs Racers – 40 MPH

The second fastest ride at Disneyland is Radiator Springs Racers, which has a top speed of 40 mph. This fun-filled racecar ride takes guests on a journey through the picturesque town of Radiator Springs. The attraction is part of the Cars Land in California Adventure Park.

Throughout the ride, guests meet memorable Cars characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, and Sally Carrera. As the attraction culminates in a heart-pumping race towards the finish line. Riders of all ages are sure to enjoy this high-speed adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure – 40 MPH

Tied with Radiator Springs Racers for the third fastest ride at Disneyland is Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. This classic log-flume attraction is situated in the Disneyland Park. It has an unforgettable finale that sees its riders plummet down a 50-foot drop at 40 mph.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, previously Splash Mountain is a true classic. As riders float through whimsical scenes and sing-along tunes, they are transported into a magical world culminating in a thrilling, high-speed drop that leaves them soaked and exhilarated.

fastest ride at disneyland

Thrill Rides Comparison

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is a classic roller coaster that offers riders a thrilling experience based on a fast-paced train journey through an abandoned mine. With a top speed of 36 mph, this attraction combines sudden drops, sharp turns, and thrilling twists to create a ride that leaves you wanting more. Riders of all ages can enjoy Big Thunder Mountain’s excitement while appreciating its immersive theme and attention to detail.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain takes thrill-seekers on a high-speed adventure through the darkness of outer space. Reaching speeds up to 35 mph, this roller coaster offers a unique experience highlighted by its pitch-black environment and futuristic theme. The ride’s sudden drops and unexpected turns. Keeping guests on the edge of their seats while providing an adrenaline-pumping adventure that’s perfect for thrill-seekers.

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Matterhorn Bobsleds offers visitors a thrilling journey through an icy mountain landscape. This roller coaster provides an exciting experience with its adventurous storyline and unique setting. Riders will navigate around the mountain as they experience twists, turns, and sudden drops while reaching speeds of up to 30 mph. The Matterhorn Bobsleds is a must-try for coaster enthusiasts who are looking for an exhilarating ride surrounded by snowy adventures.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! is a high-energy, drop-tower attraction that takes thrill-seekers on a daring mission to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy. Although not a roller coaster, this ride offers its own unique blend of excitement. It has sudden drops and a sense of weightlessness.

As riders help Rocket Raccoon complete the mission, they’ll experience thrilling drops and unexpected turns that leave them wanting more. With its immersive storyline, immersive theming, and adrenaline-pumping moments, Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! is sure to delight fans of both thrill rides and the Marvel universe.

Disneyland Park vs California Adventure

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure both offer thrilling experiences for visitors, but they cater to different preferences. In this section, we will explore the differences between the two parks and the fastest rides in each park.

Disneyland Park is the original theme park, divided into several themed “lands.” Notable lands include Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Fantasyland.

The park focuses on classic Disney attractions and caters predominantly to families. One of the fastest rides in Disneyland Park is Space Mountain. It is located in Tomorrowland, where guests rocket through outer space in a thrilling roller coaster adventure.

On the other hand, Disney California Adventure showcases more modern attractions inspired by California’s history and culture. This park features lands such as Paradise Gardens Park.

It’s home to some of the most thrilling and high-speed attractions within the Disneyland Resort.

For instance, the Incredicoaster in the Pixar Pier area reaches speeds of up to 55 mph. This makes it one of the fastest rides in California Adventure.

Both parks offer unique experiences and cater to different tastes. For those who love the nostalgia of classic Disney, Disneyland Park’s Fantasyland is perfect. It features attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. In contrast, visitors seeking a more adrenaline-pumping adventure may prefer the high-speed thrills of Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land.

To summarize, Disneyland Park offers classic Disney magic and attraction. With lands like Tomorrowland, Frontierland, and Fantasyland being particularly popular among visitors. Disney California Adventure showcases a more modern approach to Disney theme parks, focusing on the culture and history of California with thrilling high-speed rides such as the Incredicoaster.

It’s essential to consider the preferences of individuals when deciding which park to visit – whether they prefer the nostalgic charm of Disneyland Park or the adrenaline-pumping excitement of Disney California Adventure.

Dark and Storytelling Rides

Hyperspace Mountain

Hyperspace Mountain is a thrilling dark ride at Disneyland that invites guests to join an epic journey through space. The experience is brought to life by the talented Disney Imagineers, who have painstakingly created an exciting twist on the classic Space Mountain attraction. Featuring breathtaking special effects, Hyperspace Mountain takes storytelling to a new level.

The ride incorporates state-of-the-art technology and projection mapping to create the sensation of being aboard a high-speed Star Wars vessel. As riders travel through outer space, they’ll encounter life-sized animatronics, immersive storytelling, and even a few familiar faces that evoke the magic of the Star Wars universe. The Imagineers’ attention to detail and carefully crafted backstories make it easy for guests to lose themselves in the galactic adventure.

Tower of Terror

Another standout Disneyland attraction that masterfully blends dark themes and immersive storytelling is the Tower of Terror. The attraction’s spine-tingling tale transports guests to the fateful night when the Hollywood Tower Hotel was struck by lightning, causing its famous elevator to plunge into a terrifying free fall.

Boldly embracing darker elements while maintaining a friendly tone, Tower of Terror showcases the creativity and skill of Disney Imagineers. This thrilling ride wields high-quality animatronics, captivating special effects, and a haunting atmosphere for an unforgettable storyline.

As guests walk through the Gothic, dusty, and mysterious hotel lobby, the seemingly eerie history begins to unfold. The experience culminates with riders boarding the dreaded service elevator, where multiple simulated drops bring thrills and chills while artfully capturing the essence of the hotel’s tragic past.

By combining immersive dark environments with powerful storytelling, Hyperspace Mountain and Tower of Terror stand out as unforgettable experiences in the world of Disneyland attractions. These carefully crafted rides allow Disney Imagineers to showcase their ability to create unforgettable and thrilling adventures that resonate with guests and continue to shape the ever-evolving landscapes of their theme parks.

Kid-Friendly Accelerating Rides

Disneyland is known for its exciting attractions that cater to thrill-seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts. However, the park also offers kid-friendly accelerating rides that provide joy and excitement for younger guests.

These attractions give little ones a chance to feel the rush without being too intense or scary. In this section, we’ll explore three popular kid-friendly accelerating rides: Gadget’s Go Coaster, Goofy’s Sky School, and the Monorail.

Gadget’s Go Coaster

Gadget’s Go Coaster, located in Mickey’s Toontown, is a perfect introductory roller coaster for young adventurers. Inspired by the popular Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers cartoon, this ride features a friendly theme, with Gadget Hackwrench’s inventive handiwork and wacky contraptions on display.

The coaster reaches speeds of up to 22 mph, giving kids a taste of acceleration without being too intense. A minimum height requirement of 35 inches ensures that even the smallest riders can enjoy this ride.

Goofy’s Sky School

In Disney California Adventure, Goofy’s Sky School offers a slightly faster experience, with speeds reaching 27 mph. This coaster, themed after Goofy’s comical attempts to teach his students how to fly, takes riders on a wild, twisting ride through the clouds.

Guests must be at least 42 inches tall to ride, making it suitable for slightly older kids who are ready for a bit more excitement. With the combination of its fun theme and exhilarating movements, Goofy’s Sky School provides an adrenaline-filled experience that’s still family-friendly.


The Disneyland Monorail is not only a convenient mode of transportation around the park, but it also offers an exciting ride for kids and adults alike. This iconic Walt Disney creation allows guests to experience a smooth and speedy journey above the park, reaching a top speed of 30 mph.

As the monorail whizzes past various attractions, riders can catch glimpses of the enchanting park below, giving them an unforgettable and unique perspective of the Happiest Place on Earth. There are no height restrictions on the Monorail, making it suitable for guests of all ages who are seeking a moment of excitement high up among the stars.

fastest ride at disneyland

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top speeds of popular Disneyland rides?

At Disneyland Resort, some popular rides and their top speeds include the Incredicoaster at 55 mph, Splash Mountain at 40 mph, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 36 mph, Space Mountain at 35 mph, and Matterhorn Bobsleds at 27 mph. These thrilling attractions showcase a range of experiences for visitors.

Which attractions are the most thrilling at Disneyland?

The most thrilling attractions at Disneyland often include those with high speeds and exciting features such as the Incredicoaster, which has a full loop inversion. In addition, Splash Mountain offers a dramatic 40 mph drop, while Space Mountain takes riders on a high-speed adventure through outer space. Big Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn Bobsleds also offer exhilarating experiences for thrill-seekers.

How does Space Mountain compare to other fast rides at the park?

Space Mountain, with a top speed of 35 mph, is slightly slower than attractions like Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. However, its unique indoor setting and pitch-black environment create the illusion of greater speed, making it an exciting ride experience despite its moderate pace.

Which is faster, Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain?

Splash Mountain is faster than Big Thunder Mountain, with a top speed of 40 mph compared to Big Thunder Mountain’s 36 mph. While both rides offer thrilling experiences to their passengers, the 40 mph drop on Splash Mountain takes the cake as the faster of the two.

Are any rides at Disney California Adventure faster than Disneyland Park?

Yes, the Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure stands out as the fastest ride across both parks, reaching an impressive 55 mph. This coaster, based on the Pixar Incredibles movies, launches from 0 to 55 mph in just 4 seconds, making it a truly exhilarating experience.

What makes the Tron Lightcycle Power Run unique in comparison to other rides?

The Tron Lightcycle Power Run, while not located at Disneyland Resort, is a groundbreaking attraction at other Disney parks such as Shanghai Disneyland. This unique ride features a motorcycle-style seating position and LED lighting effects, providing a futuristic, immersive experience. The attraction’s thrilling elements and innovative design set it apart from other roller coasters.

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