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Ultimate Guide to Epcot Hidden Mickeys

Epcot Hidden Mickeys

Disney expert or not, you’ve probably heard of Epcot Hidden Mickeys. These images of Mickey Mouse are hidden in various places at Walt Disney World Resort parks.

Today, we’re going to share with you our ultimate guide to locating Epcot’s Hidden Mickeys! So pull out your park map, and let’s get started!

What Is A Hidden Mickey?

Disney theme park designers, attractions creators, and filmmakers carefully place small images of Mickey Mouse into their designs, which are known as Hidden Mickeys.

Guests usually discover Hidden Mickeys, which adds an extra layer of fun to their experience. However, sometimes designers place Hidden Mickeys in more hidden locations, making them more challenging to find. No matter where designers hide them, guests can still enjoy the thrill of finding them.Disney theme park designers, attractions creators, or filmmakers carefully place small images of Mickey Mouse into their designs, which are known as Hidden Mickeys.

Mickeys always bring a smile to those who find them. So next time you’re at a Disney park or watching a movie, see if you can spot any Hidden Mickeys!

epcot hidden mickeys

Are there Hidden Mickeys at Epcot?

If you’re wondering whether Epcot has any Hidden Mickeys, the answer is yes! Disney theme park designers carefully scatter several Hidden Mickeys around the park, and it’s up to you to find them. Here are a few tips to help you in your search:

1. Pay close attention to detail. The Hidden Mickeys are often very small, so you’ll need to look carefully.

2. Look in unexpected places. Hidden Mickeys are hidden in plain sight or in more obscure locations.

3. Use your imagination. Sometimes, the Hidden Mickeys are abstract shapes that require a bit of creative thinking to spot.

With these tips in mind, search for the Hidden Mickeys at Epcot! You never know when you might spot one.

How Hidden Mickeys Contribute to the Immersive Experience of Epcot’s Attractions

One of Epcot’s attractions’ most fascinating aspects is the Hidden Mickeys concept. These are cleverly placed Mickey Mouse head silhouettes that are hidden throughout the park, often in plain sight but requiring a keen eye to spot. They can be found in everything from ride decorations to pavement designs. 

But what is the purpose of these Hidden Mickeys? They serve as a fun and interactive scavenger hunt for guests, encouraging them to explore the park and discover new details. Additionally, they contribute to the immersive experience of the attractions by adding an extra layer of magic and whimsy. 

Spotting a Hidden Mickey can be a thrilling moment for guests, especially for Disney fans who are familiar with the tradition. It’s a small detail that can make a big impact on the overall enjoyment of the park. 

Epcot Hidden Mickey’s: Standby Que

In Test Track, if you look closely at the standby line, you can see a hidden Mickey traced on a drawing board to your right.

In Frozen Ever After, when you move inside the line, you can spot three plates placed together on a wall if you look up.

Turtle Talk With Crush: The waiting room is hiding in the first window you enter.

If you’re wondering whether Epcot has any Hidden Mickeys, the answer is yes! Let’s keep going.

Epcot Hidden Mickeys: Rides


Look for the hot air balloons flying over the desert while riding Soarin’. In the distance, three balloons combine to form a Hidden Mickey. As the fireworks on Soarin’ come to an end, take notice of them exploding in the sky.

Spaceship Earth Hidden Mickey

If you’re looking for a hidden Mickey on Spaceship Earth, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled during the Renaissance scene.

You can find the Hidden Mickey on the left-hand side of your Time Machine just before passing by a sculptor. It consists of three paint rings, and you can easily spot it!

Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Figment takes guests on an amazing journey through his imagination. He takes you into his own house, which has been turned upside down. Guests who look closely can spot a Hidden Mickey in onion rings when they get to Figment’s Kitchen.

Find the whiteboard when Figment takes you to the laboratory dedicated to visual effects and imagination. There, you will find a Hidden Mickey drawn. It’s on the right side.

Test Track

On the ride, there is a hidden Mickey at the beginning within a road sign.

Living With the Land

Living With the Land is a ride that takes guests through the history of agriculture. As you travel through time, there are several Hidden Mickeys to find.

When you get to the Shrimp farm, you will find a hidden Mickey made of circles of wire paneling.

A greenhouse is a place where guests can glide between two massive tables while they’re growing different types of lettuce. Depending on how grown-the Lettuce has been, you might spot designs like the Epcot logo and the Hidden Mickey!

The American Adventure

The American Adventure is a pavilion that celebrates the history of the United States of America.

Pay attention to your surroundings as you make your way to the auditorium. Paintings especially.

One of the paintings in this gallery has a painting that is worth seeing for its merit but also contains hidden Mickeys. It’s of a man delivering a speech to a crowd. The bottom part shows three roses on top of a lady’s hat, which are hidden Mickeys.

Seas with Nemo

Look at the tanks in the seaside aquarium with Nemo and his pals from above. On the bottom of the tank, Mickey is formed of stones.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

As you float along the Gran Fiesta Tour, Starring the Three Caballeros ride in the Mexico Pavilion, you’ll come across a grand finale scene where Donald, Panchito, and Jose are performing on stage for their fans. Keep an eye out for a small boat on the left-hand side, which has three small drums on it, forming a hidden Mickey when their tops come together. It’s a fun little detail to spot during your ride!

Mission: SPACE

As you prepare to embark on Mission: SPACE, you’ll find yourself eagerly anticipating the exhilarating launch. During this brief wait, take a moment to inspect the screens in front of you. If you look closely, you might just spot a classic Hidden Mickey on either side of the gangplank. These Hidden Mickeys are made up of three simple, outlined circles, so keep your eyes peeled!

Frozen Ever After

One of the most beloved experiences at Epcot is Frozen Ever After, which is located in the Norway Pavilion. Visitors can join their favorite characters from the Disney animated movie on an exciting journey to Arendelle. As guests enter the indoor section of the ride’s line, they’ll come across the Ice Master’s Room. If they look up at the top of an archway, they might be able to spot a Hidden Mickey cleverly created by three plates.

Epcot Hidden Mickeys: World Showcase

Mexico Pavillion Hidden Mickey

The Mexico Pavilion features a ride that takes visitors on a scenic tour of the nation with some well-known personalities. The Gran Fiesta Tour Starring, the Three Caballeros, is a boat trip across Mexico featuring Panchito and Jose searching for Donald in time for their concert.

While on the Grand Fiesta Tour, look closely around midway through the ride for bubbles forming a Mickey shape just as Donald is taken away.

The final scene of the ride features a boat on the left-hand side with a banner that reads “Viva Donald!” That boat has three drums on the front right-hand side, making for a Hidden Mickey.

Look in the center of the Mexico Pavilion’s plaza to see Mickey on the banners. Look towards the booth where you may purchase mugs and glasses.

Japan Pavillion Hidden Mickey

In the Japan Pavilion, look for a Hidden Mickey on the drain cover in the koi pond.

epcot hidden mickeys

Morocco Pavillion Hidden Mickey

The Morocco Pavilion proudly shows a Hidden Mickey in the form of three plates.

United Kingdom Pavillion Hidden Mickey

Look at the shop sign for the Sportsman’s Shoppe in the United Kingdom Pavilion.

Canada Pavillion Hidden Mickey

You’ll find Mickey next to the raven’s wings near the top of the totem pole in the Canada Pavilion.

China Pavillion Hidden Mickey

Look around the China Pavilion’s entrance light poles. You’ll see flowers that have been carved into Mickeys among them.

Germany Pavillion Hidden Mickey

The Germany Pavilion in World Showcase offers a variety of activities that will make visitors feel like they are in Germany. Guests may spend time exploring the iconic architecture, shopping, dining, and culture that will deceive them into believing they are really in Germany.

The Karamell Kuche shop sells a variety of delectable caramels and candy.

Head inside the shop and look at the shelves; you can spot a Hidden Mickey growing out of a decorative wine.

You may discover a hidden Mickey behind the lion’s paws near the lamp in the Germany Pavilion.

Epcot Hidden Mickeys: Restaurants

Le Cellier Restaurant

Look at the wine rack as you enter Le Cellier in the Canada Pavilion if you have a dining reservation.

The Garden Grill Restaurant

The Garden Grill Restaurant is in Future World and offers guests a unique dining experience.

The restaurant features an animatronic farm where guests can watch as their food is grown.

The food is then brought to the table fresh from the farm, making it a truly farm-to-table experience.

The restaurant also rotates when you get to the point where you can see a massive mural with ferns and vegetation. A hidden Mickey is peeking behind horizontal ferns.

Epcot Hidden Mickey FAQ

Epcot enthusiasts often talk about the numerous hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the park. Let me answer some frequently asked questions about Epcot’s hidden Mickeys:

How many Hidden Mickeys are there?

It is estimated that there are over 3,000 Hidden Mickeys throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Where is the Hidden Mickey in the Frozen Ever After ride at Epcot?

Look at the wall in the Frozen Ever After Standby line and you will see three plates stacked together.

Where is the largest Hidden Mickey in Disney World?

There is a solar farm in the shape of Mickey, the largest Hidden Mickey.

What is a hidden Mickey?

A ride, attraction, or other area of a Disney theme park can hide a subtle representation of Mickey Mouse, known as a hidden Mickey.

How many hidden Mickeys are there in Epcot?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many hidden Mickeys there are in Epcot, as they are constantly being added and removed. However, there are estimated to be over 100 hidden Mickeys throughout the park.

What are some famous hidden Mickeys in Epcot?

Some of the most well-known hidden Mickeys in Epcot include the three circles in the pavement outside of Mission: SPACE, the plates on the wall in The Land pavilion, and the mural in the Mexico pavilion that features a hidden Mickey in the clouds.

Are all hidden Mickeys intentional?

While most hidden Mickeys are intentional, some may be the result of coincidence or simply a resemblance to Mickey Mouse.

Can I find hidden Mickeys on my own, or do I need a guide?

You can certainly try to find hidden Mickeys on your own! However, if you’re having trouble, there are guides available online that can help you locate them.

Are there any rewards for finding hidden Mickeys?

While there are no official rewards for finding hidden Mickeys, many Disney fans enjoy the thrill of the hunt and take pride in spotting them throughout the park.

If you’re a fan of Disney and Epcot, I hope you’ll take the time to find these hidden mickeys.

So, next time you’re at Epcot, keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickeys and see how many you can find!

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