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Disney’s Refillable Mug [Updated 2024]

Disney Refillable Mug

Looking for your next exclusive Disney resort souvenir? Consider this really cool refillable cup, called the Rapid Fill mug.  You pay one flat fee for the cup and are able to refill it an unlimited amount of times during your stay at a Disney resort. Not to mention it’s totally affordable!  

Everything you need to know about the Disney refillable mug is right here.

This Disney refillable mug post is going to go over some of the most frequently asked questions like where you can use them and what are the drink options, but also if they’re worth the cost. 

What Is Disney’s Rapid Fill Program?

In 2013, Disney started using a new program called Rapid Fill, which allowed guests to, during each visit, make a one-time purchase of a mug at their Disney resort, and be able to refill it unlimited times at various self-service stations throughout all Walt Disney World resorts.

While there have been many price changes and other small alterations to the program, the Rapid Fill system is what they continue to use now. 

Disney Refillable Mug

The purchasable cup is a creative 16-oz. plastic refillable, insulated mug, which features a scene of Disney characters along the outside, and comes equipped with a coverable lid and handle. 16-oz. is about the size of a Coca-Cola bottle, or a Grande drink from Starbucks.

In other words, the mug holds a lot of liquid at a time. The Rapid Fill mug is reusable and offers free refills during your stay at a Walt Disney resort. A unique souvenir, this mug cannot be found at any Disney theme park. 

Disney fans anxiously await changes in mug art.  What’s the next scene?

How Does It Work?

The soda fountain meets technology. This cup comes equipped with an RFID chip embedded in the bottom. Similar to scanning a hotel key card to get into your room, you can scan this mug to dispense your drink.

When purchased, the cup is programmed to offer you unlimited refills for 14 days, which hopefully covers the length of your stay at a Disney resort. This is all technical stuff and doesn’t matter much, but I wanted you to get the gist of it.

Disney Refillable Mug

How Do I Activate My Mug?

When you go to purchase your mug, the Cast Member cashing you out will check if you are on the Disney Dining Plan or not.

Once the purchase goes through, the Cast Member will activate the mug for you, and you’re all set and ready to go! It’s as simple as that!

How Do I Refill It?

The Disney refillable mug can be used with ease.

To start, locate a refilling station. You can head for the soda fountains or coffee station in your resort’s dining area. Simply hold the cup under the dispenser as you normally would, but be sure to place it on the little circular platform below the nozzle.

This platform is what scans your cup. The machine will then allow you to dispense your drink until the cup is full.

A small screen located on the refilling station will display how many days are left remaining for your cup’s use, as well as how much longer you have until you can refill again (more on this later).

Why Should I Get It?

Money Saver

First off, depending on how you use it, the Rapid Fill mug can be great for saving some money. Food is the easiest way to cut costs during a vacation, but drinks are a part of that.

How many times can you recall being thirsty while staying at a hotel? Begone are the days of late-night hunting for a vending machine.

With the Rapid Fill mug, you can head down to the food court and grab a drink, completely hassle-free – not to mention you get to enjoy unlimited refills!

What’s more, this cup is usable at any Disney resort you visit during your trip, so if you’re planning to resort hop, this is a great deal for you.

Awesome Trip Souvenir

Practicality aside, Disney’s refillable mug is also a unique souvenir of any vacation. The Disney character design imprinted on its surface will serve as an awesome reminder of your trip.

Reviewers also seem to enjoy its endless expiration date. You can bring this little guy home and enjoy tea and coffee in it for as long as you would like. Additionally, the Disney refillable mug is microwave and dishwasher-safe, allowing for a longer lifespan than regular reusable plastic cups you may find at one of the parks.

Limited Edition Designs

With changes in seasons, Disney likes to switch up their cup designs. Around the various holidays, the resorts will offer a limited quantity of seasonal Rapid Fill mugs.

Halloween’s Rapid Fill mug was a midnight purple color and featured a fun display of Disney characters in their spooky costumes. Christmas’s design offered up a magical wintry scene. Depending on when you schedule your Disney resort stay, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on one of these special seasonal editions.

How much does it cost?

disney refillable mug

Right now, the mug costs $21.99 and is activated for the length of your stay, up to two weeks. 

How do I get my hands on a Disney refillable mug?

When staying at a Walt Disney Resort, there are two ways you can snag a Disney refillable mug.

Comes Included With the Dining Plan

If you sign up for one of the dining plans at any Disney resort, you will be given one credit (per person) to redeem for a Disney refillable mug. The cost is already included in your dining plan.

On your first visit to the resort’s food court or dining location, you can redeem this credit at the counter, choose a color, and they’ll hand you your mug!

Separate Purchase at a Disney Resort Gift Shop or Restaurant Location 

If you are not part of a dining plan but are dying to get your hands on this exclusive cup, head into a Disney Resort gift shop! Other than the resort’s dining plan, this is the only other way to snag a Disney refillable mug from the source.

While I don’t usually do the Disney Dining Plan, I buy a refillable cup every day so I can get my unlimited fix of soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. 

davids dvc


Far From Refilling Stations

In some of the bigger resorts, such as Old Key West, you can easily be given a room that’s nowhere near any refill stations. A refillable cup, at these times, can actually be a waste of money.

Thankfully, this is easily remedied. When you check-in, pay attention to your room’s location before purchasing one of these cups.

Another option is to keep the cup on you throughout your day. Once you arrive back at your resort after hours of exploring a park, chances are you’ll be thirsty.

Having the cup already on your person makes it easier to head straight to a refilling station instead of making a stop at your room.

I stay at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs often and even with a distant room, the cup still makes sense.  Why?  The pool has a station and we spend hours there. 

Usable Only At Resorts, Not Parks

Another thing to mention is that rapid refill mugs can only be refilled in Disney resorts, not the parks. That said, if you’re planning to resort-hop quite a bit during your stay, this cup will definitely be worth it.

Is your Disney vacation more than a week? The money on drinks you will be saving at the resort alone will more than make up for the cost of the refilled mug.

Impractical Design

Some people do end up bringing along their mugs when entering a Disney park. There are a few things you should be aware of before you decide to do this.

First, the cup is not leak-proof. The provided plastic lid is similar to a coffee cup lid, with a small opening to drink through. A movable disc on the lid can be rotated to cover this opening.

That said, if the cup isn’t in a standing position, the liquid can easily pool in that disc area and begin leaking out of the top. Also, if you don’t put the lid on correctly, liquid can also spill out the sides. Usually, you can hear a sort of click when the lid snaps into place securely. 

Reviewers noticed a few things. The side handle prevents the mug from being placed in, say, a backpack bottle holder. So if you insist on bringing your cup with you anywhere, you will have to carry it upright in your hand at all times.

Luckily, the refillable mug has no problem with regular cup holders, so feel free to bring it along for a day of driving around.

What Can Go In It?

  • Coca-Cola Products (Coke, Sprite, Fanta)
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Water
  • Some stations will have a type of juice like Hi-C or Powerade
Disney Refillable Mug

The options we want (but don’t have):

  • Juice (OJ, Apple Juice)
  • Milk

Where To Refill

Refilling locations may differ based on which Disney resort you are staying at. There are a few simple guidelines that keep locations predictable.

Generally, you can fill your Disney refillable mug at most of the following places:

  • Quick Service Locations
  • Pool Bars
  • Food Courts

When you check in to your resort, be sure to ask a cast member where the dining locations and refilling stations can be found.

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New Stainless Steel Upgrade

Disney has released a fancy new stainless steel resort mug available as an upgrade to the usual plastic one. 

Cost: $10 per mug on top of the initial $21.99 for the upgrade, or you can purchase it outright, meaning not as part of the Rapid Fill program, for $29.99

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you just pay the $10 upcharge.

Since these are stainless steel, they are also vacuum insulated.  This means your hot drink stays hot for 4 hours and your cold drink stays cold for up to 12 hours. The first style options include a Skyliner design, available at the four resorts connected to the new transportation system, and some other resorts offer a Star Wars option. But keep an eye out for more unique designs that are sure to come!

Refillable Mugs at the Water Parks

The two Walt Disney World water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach offer their own refillable mug system. This is completely separate from the Rapid Fill mugs I talk about in the rest of this article but it is worth noting.

As of right now, the price is $11.99 for one of their mugs, which are in a different style than the resorts’ mugs. That price will get you unlimited drinks in both parks for that day only. If you want to bring the mug back during another visit, you can reactivate it for $8.50 per day.

Personal Story

Usually, on vacation, I like to stick to water.  Why?  It’s inexpensive, readily available, healthy, and keeps things simple.  I might splurge when eating out, but when I go to Disney, the only drink on my grocery order is water.


I recently took my grandparents to Disney, and they were definitely not going to drink water.  There was absolutely no way. Our room was right next to a refill station so I went ahead and purchased 1 cup for them to share.

They loved everything about the cup.

  • How Disney-fied it was!
  • That they could take it home and use it after the trip.  
  • The act of refilling it with any soda.  
  • The crazy amount of Diet Coke they had access too.

FAQ/Reader Questions

Disney Refillable Mug

Can the refillable mug be used at theme parks or water parks?

We all wish! While you can bring them with you to the park after filling them up at the resort, you can’t actually fill them up at any of the theme parks (except for with water from the drinking fountains). 

Can you use the Disney refillable mug at Disney Springs?

You cannot fill the mug at Disney Springs, as there are no refill stations there, but you can bring it with you filled up. I do this sometimes myself.

Is the Disney refillable mug microwaveable?

Yes! The Disney refillable mug is microwave-safe, so after your trip, you can heat up your cocoa or tea at home right in the microwave.

You might want to keep in mind that the microwave may affect the cup’s RFID chip, so if anything, refrain from microwaving it until after your trip.

Can I put the Disney refillable mug in the dishwasher?

Yes, the refillable mug is dishwasher-safe, so feel free to continue enjoying drinks hassle-free even after your stay at the resort.

Is there a different price for a 2-night visit vs a 7-night visit?

There used to be but now it’s just the flat cost that I mentioned before.

The cup accumulates more value – and saves you more drink money – the longer you stay. If you’re planning to stay for three or more days (and can’t start your day without a cup of joe or a glass of soda), the refill mug may save you a decent amount of cash!

What happens if my stay is longer than 14 days?

Disney’s 14-day limit was likely chosen because most people don’t stay longer than two weeks. If your vacation is longer than that, first off congratulations, I’m jealous.

As for the Rapid Fill program, many people who have been in this situation say that if you talk to a Cast Member, they will extend the activation of the mug for the final days of your vacation, for free. Now, if you are staying longer than three weeks, it might be a different story, and they might require you to buy a new mug or pay a fee, but I assume that situation is a rarity.  

Can you share this mug or is it one per person?

You can and should share it to save a few bucks! Bear in mind there is a short no-fill period between dispenses. However, unless you usually gulp down your drink in under a minute, this should not be a problem.

Can I bring back an old Rapid Fill mug and reactivate it?

In the first few years of the program, Disney did allow guests to bring back their RFID-chipped mugs and reuse them on another visit, but that has since stopped. If you intend to use the Rapid Fill system when you visit next, you will have to buy a new mug for that stay. 

Can I fill the mug up at any resort or only the one I’m staying at?

You can fill your mug up at any Walt Disney World resort. If you are planning to resort-hop, your Disney refillable mug will be the perfect companion. In fact, taking your mug along to several different resorts is the best way to get the most value out of it!

Can I refill my mug back to back?

There is supposed to be a short wait between refills. But I have received news that sometimes people are able to refill back to back.

Typically, after filling a drink, you will have to wait 2 minutes before you can refill again (and it’ll tell you exactly how long on the screen as you grab your drink). This is mainly to prevent people from using the refilled mug to fill other people’s drinks and constantly return to the refill station.

Can you buy refillable cups at the Disney World parks?

Unfortunately, no.  This refillable cup is technically a Disney resort refillable mug,  meaning you can only purchase and use them at Disney resorts.

Sidenote: Reviewers of the Disney refillable mug often note how special they feel carrying this exclusive item around the parks. Other park guests who aren’t staying at a resort tend to ask where one can get a cup like that.

I bought one of the “forever” mugs, can I still use it?

Before Disney implemented the Rapid Fill system, they sold mugs that were advertised as being usable “forever.”

Well, that was years ago, and with the new technology within the Rapid Fill system, there’s no way for the older mugs to be used in the same way. Sorry to say, but you will most likely be required to buy a new mug for your visit. 

What are the mug color and design options?

Red, green, blue, purple, and pink!  On a recent trip, I was able to purchase a black mug, and during Halloween, there is orange and purple. 

Is there a Disney refillable mug Christmas or Halloween edition?

Disney usually does both a Halloween-themed and Christmas-themed refillable mug but they are very secretive about it, and it’s only available in select places. Since you can’t buy the mug until you get to Disney anyway, I would ask a Cast Member if there are seasonal mugs available.  They will know where you can get it, even if that particular location doesn’t have it.

Do the designs on the Disney refillable mug change?

Yes, they do!

There’s a long answer here.  Back in 2016, Disney removed the colored handle from the Disney refillable mugs.  So if you scroll up and look at the mug with the red lid, in 2016 it had a red handle too.  Then later, the handles were removed altogether.

Thankfully, today the handles are back!  But unlike before, all cups now have white handles. 

As for the design on the outside of the mug, Disney has gone through different designs and variations over the years, but generally, it will have all the main characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and friends, in some fun setting.

But along with the holiday designs, Disney has been known to offer other options for short periods every once in a while. Previously, they offered a Pixar/Toy Story version and designs for specific resorts. As of now, the design looks like this (pictured below).

Disney Refillable Mug

Are the Rapid Fill Mugs Worth It?

While I have my own opinion on the value of the Rapid Fill mugs, deciding if they are worth purchasing is really up to you. This program isn’t perfect. It might be great for many guests, but for various reasons not work well for others. Hopefully, everything I’ve said here will help you figure out if buying a Rapid Fill mug is something you should do on your next visit. 

Personally, I think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and they are a perfect souvenir for someone who drinks something like coffee or tea often at home. When you return from your Disney trip, the mug easily becomes an everyday, useful item. You can look at it as you sip your drink, remember all the magical times you had at Walt Disney World, and dream of your next trip! 

Question: Have you used this cup, do you love it? 

Anything you still need to know?  Ask me here!  ↓↓

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Wednesday 20th of December 2017

I have never heard of this, but it sounds wonderful. There is a theme park near me that does something similar. :)

Angela Ricardo Bethea

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Those are such awesome mugs! I would love to try these! We love using super cool mugs at home. I think the family will love this.


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Yes and not only do they save money at Disney World but they are also a souvenir to take home


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

My kids (even myself) love Disney! A day will never be complete without watching any Disney show.


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

So true. Saks Fifth Avenue has Snow White as their Christmas window display this year. It's so perfect.


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

When we stayed on site we all got mugs. It was totally worth it. Plus we got the cups to bring home.


Wednesday 20th of December 2017

Yea, they are great souvenirs too.


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

Wow that is a bargain IMO. It's $5+ for a bottle of water or soda! I need to remember this for when we go!

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