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Disney World Trivia – Free Download

Do you know what the tallest and fastest rides at Disney World are? How about the name of Mickey Mouse’s dog? If not, don’t worry – you’re in for a treat! This blog post is packed full of interesting Disney World trivia that will have you impressing your friends and family in no time. Get ready to be an expert with this Disney World trivia!

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Walt Disney World Trivia Questions

Which princess is the castle dedicated to at Disney World?


Disney World opening day – How much was an admission ticket on opening day in 1971?

$3.50 for an adult ticket

Where is Walt Disney World located?

The park is in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, FL (not Orlando).

How much land does Disney World comprise?

Walt Disney World Resort encompasses roughly 50 square miles. Walt Disney originally purchased the land for a mere $5 million.

Which is the smallest theme park at Disney?

With 107 acres, Magic Kingdom is the smallest.

How many miles does Walt Disney World span?

40 square miles

Who are the Fab 5?

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto

disney world trivia

When is Mickey Mouse’s birthday?

18th November

When did Disney World open to the public?

October 1971

Which is the biggest theme park at Disney World?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom at 500 acres

Which is the smallest theme park at Disney World?

Magic Kingdom

Which Disney park opened on Earth Day?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

What is the tallest attraction at Disney World?

Expedition Everest is the tallest attraction at Disney World, standing at 199 feet.

How many resorts are there at Disney World?

There are over 32 resorts at Disney World.

Which were the original Disney World resort hotels?

The Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort were the original Disney resorts

What was the original name of Disney Springs?

Downtown Disney

How many people visit Disney World each day?

In the beginning, when Magic Kingdom was first opened in 1971, Disney World attracted 10,000 visitors each day. Today, the average daily attendance is around 53,000 people!

Who are “Imagineers”?

Imagineers are the people hired by Disney to devise and create the theme park attractions at Walt Disney World.

Who are “Cast Members”?

A Cast Member is a Walt Disney World employee. The park has roughly 62,000 Cast Members, making it one of the biggest single-site employers in the country.

What is the “Utilidor”?

Disney World has miles of underground tunnels connecting to different park areas. These tunnels – called the Utilidor – are mostly used to provide an area for Cast Members to change into costume, take breaks, and travel around the park undetected by guests. Garbage is also collected inside the Utilidor.

How far apart are trash cans at Disney World?

Imagineers created Walt Disney World intending to keep the park clean in mind, ensure that no guest is more than 30 steps away from a trash can.

Which messy item does Disney not sell anywhere inside the park?

Gum is not sold at Disney World. However, you can bring your own gum into the park.

Animal Kingdom Trivia Questions

How many carvings are on the Tree of Life?

Approximately 325 animal carvings are on the Tree of Life

How tall is the Tree Of Life in Animal Kingdom?

The Tree of Life is 145 feet tall

Which 5 animals are on the logo for Disney’s Animal Kingdom park?

Lion, Dinosaur, Dragon, Giselle and Elephant

What mythical creature can you see on Expedition Everest?

The Yeti

How many animals reside at Animal Kingdom?

There are approximately 1700 animals representing 250 different species living in Animal Kingdom.

What is the name of the massive dinosaur presiding over DinoLand U.S.A.?

Dino-Sue. She is a full-scale replica of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered.

Magic Kingdom Trivia Questions

What is Magic Kingdom’s official tagline?

“The Most Magical Place on Earth”

How tall is Cinderella Castle?

Cinderella Castle appears to be larger than it really is, thanks to the use of “forced-perspective.” Cinderella Castle is only 189 feet tall. There are 27 distinct tower structures on top of the castle.

How many “happy haunts” (ie, ghosts) inhabit The Haunted Mansion?


Which Magic Kingdom attraction plays the song “Zip-a- Dee-Doo- Dah”?

Splash Mountain

What attraction was “flight-tested” by U.S. astronauts before it was opened to the public?

Space Mountain

What is the maximum score you can achieve on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin?


Which attraction features boats with the following names: Amazon Annie, Bomokandi Bertha, Congo Connie, Ganges Gertie, Irrawaddy Irma, Kwango Kate, Mongala Millie, Nile Nelly, Orinoco Ida, Rutshuru Ruby, Sankuru Sadie, Senegal Sal, Ucvali Lolly, Volta Val, Wamba Wanda, and Zambesi Zelda?

The Jungle Cruise!

What is the name of the jolly headhunter near the end of The Jungle Cruise ride?

Trader Sam

What was used to construct Cinderella Castle?

The exterior comprises steel beams, plaster, concrete, and molded fiberglass.

What is the oldest attraction in Magic Kingdom?

Prince Charming Regal Carousel, formerly named Cinderella’s Golden Carousel. It was originally built for Detroit’s Belle Isle Park in 1917.

Which Fantasyland attraction replaced the legendary Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

What is the name of the audio-animatronic singer/organist who performs daily at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café?

Sonny Eclipse

Which town served as the inspiration for Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA?

Main Street USA is loosely based on Marceline, Missouri, a town where Walt Disney spent 4 years of his childhood. 

Walt wanted Main Street USA to look like Marceline’s downtown district.

Which section of Magic Kingdom has no bathrooms?

Liberty Square. Imagineers wanted to keep this area as authentic to Colonial times as possible (there was no indoor plumbing in the 1700s).

Which tree sits prominently in Liberty Square?

The Liberty Tree. Disney World gardeners have grown over 500 new oak trees from the acorns of the Liberty Tree.

Which of these attractions has been in operation since Magic Kingdom’s first day: Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Big Thunder Mountain, or Pirates of the Caribbean?

It’s a Small World

What is the motto for the It’s a Small World attraction? 

“The Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed”

What attraction – which opened at Magic Kingdom in 1973 – was modeled after a popular attraction of the same name at Disneyland (which opened in 1967)?

Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s still one of Disney World’s most popular rides today.

What do Cast Members say as they shut down Pirates of the Caribbean every evening?

“Farewell, George.” During the Pirates of the Caribbean building, an Imagineer named George was killed. It is said that George’s ghost still haunts the ride today as a superstition. Before they go home at night, the attraction operators say “Goodbye George,” according to legend.

What are the names of Big Thunder Mountain’s 6 trains?

I.B. Hearty, I.M. Brave, I.M. Fearless, U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, and U.R. Courageous.

Who is featured in Magic Kingdom’s “Sharing the Magic” and “Partners” statues?

The “Sharing the Magic” statue in Town Square depicts Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse, while the “Partners” statue in front of Cinderella Castle depicts Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand.

Which audio-animatronic attraction originally premiered at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair as “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”?

The Hall of Presidents

Why is there a sign reading “1787” over the entrance to The Hall of Presidents?

Because the Constitution of the United States was drafted in 1787.

Epcot Trivia Questions

What does Epcot stand for?

Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow

What was the original name of The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion?

The Living Seas opened in 1986 and was renamed The Seas with Nemo & Friends in 2006.

What is the significance of the American flag on display at the American Adventure pavilion?

This particular flag was recovered from the World Trade Center rubble after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

What do the “Spirit of America” statues at The America Adventure pavilion represent?

Adventure, Compassion, Discovery, Freedom, Heritage, Independence, Individualism, Innovation, Knowledge, Pioneering, Self-Reliance, and Tomorrow.

Which World Showcase pavilion is the only country sponsored and aided by a government?

Morocco pavilion, sponsored by The Government of Morocco. The King of Morocco even sent Moroccan artisans to carve the pavilion’s mosaics.

The torii gate in Epcot’s Japan pavilion is modeled after which famous Japanese shrine?

The Itsukushima Shrine

Which science fiction author was hired to help develop the storyline for Epcot’s Spaceship Earth?

Ray Bradbury

How tall is Spaceship Earth?

Spaceship Earth is an impressive 180-feet-tall and weighs nearly 16 million pounds.

What is the fastest ride at Disney World?

With speeds of up to 65 MPH, Test Track comes out on top.

Which Epcot attraction provides guests with motion sickness bags?

Mission: SPACE

Which attraction requires more computer power than NASA’s space shuttle?

Mission: SPACE

Hollywood Studios Trivia Questions

What was the original name of Hollywood Studios park?

MGM Studios

What year did the Hollywood Tower of Terror open?


What is the name of the lake in Hollywood Studios?

Echo Lake

When did MGM Studios become Hollywood Studios?



What year was the iconic Sorcerer’s hat removed from Hollywood Studios?


How deep is the lagoon at Fantasmic!?

It’s shallower than it appears! It’s a vast body of water that has a depth of only 18 inches, yet still holds an impressive 1.9 million gallons of water.

Who was the first rock band approached by Disney to star in the Rock “n’ Roller Coaster attraction?

U2. When they declined, Aerosmith was offered the gig. They accepted.

Before becoming a theme park, what was Hollywood Studios used as?

Hollywood Studios was originally a working studio but later became a theme park. The All-New Mickey Mouse Club was filmed there in the early 1990s (starring Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aquilera).).

What is the name of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hotel?

Hollywood Tower Hotel

Which street in Hollywood Studios is a re-creation of Hollywood’s theater district?

Sunset Boulevard

Disney World Christmas Trivia Quiz Questions

Roughly how many Christmas trees decorate the Walt Disney World property each year?


Much like Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, the Holiday Services Warehouse at Walt Disney World is constantly buzzing with work 365 days a year. How large is the Holiday Services Warehouse?

The famous Holiday Services Warehouse is home to 25 full-time Cast Members who help create and install all of the Christmas magic at Walt Disney World. Guests interested in seeing more of the Holiday Services Warehouse may participate on Disney’s Yuletide Fantasy backstage tour.

Roughly how many poinsettias are used to decorate Walt Disney World property?


How many bright LED Dream Lights adorn Cinderella’s Castle?


On average, how tall is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort‘s signature holiday Gingerbread House?


How tall is the Christmas tree in Magic Kingdom?

65 feet tall

At Christmas time, what does the Jungle Cruise ride become?

The Jungle Cruise becomes the Jingle Cruise during the festive season in Magic Kingdom.

Which two places across Walt Disney World can you find Christmas shops all year round?

There is a Christmas shop in Magic Kingdom and also at Disney Springs.

Which Disney World hotel has the gingerbread house during the festive season?

You’ll find the gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Much like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party during the Halloween season, there was also a special Christmas party. What was it called?

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party was always held over the Christmas season in Magic Kingdom.

Do you have any other Disney World trivia to share? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of the lesser-known facts about Walt Disney World.

It’s definitely a park that deserves multiple visits – there are always new things to discover.

And who knows, maybe with a bit of extra knowledge under your belt, you can one day become a Disney World trivia master yourself!

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