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Disney Gift Cards Combine

disney gift cards combine

You probably already knew this, but Disney trips can be so expensive! I mean, most people spend around a year or more planning and budgeting for their Disney vacation. But there are tons of ways for you to save your cash. I bet you did not know that your Disney Gift Cards combine to make things a lot easier.

I will teach you exactly how to do it, plus a few more Disney Gift Card hacks that will enhance your vacation.

How To Combine Disney Giftcards

Imagine you have more than two or so Disney gift cards. Let’s also say that you plan to use these cards to help pay for your food and merchandise throughout your Disney vacation.

However, walking around with your wallet full is uncomfortable.  Add the multiple gift cards–in addition to your personal ID, driver’s license, annual passes or park tickets, credit cards, debit cards, cash, and maybe even your smartphone (if you have a fancy wallet phone case), it is far from ideal for a theme park day. 

Actually, imagine carrying all that around if you are visiting Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach (Disney Waterparks). Even if you plan to put it in a bag throughout the day, digging around trying to find what you need is also a pain in the neck. Well, I have a solution to all of that.

Step by Step to Merge Disney Giftcards

Head to

Select Sign In as shown in the image above

Select “My Cards” from the main menu at the top.

You will want to first add your card.

The website makes it very simple to then merge account balances from one card to another.

You can also add more money to that card from your bank account if you wish as well.

Then, you take that card with you on vacation and save space, time, and money all at once. It really is that simple!

Why Combine your Disney Gift Cards?

Combining your Disney gift cards can be a smart move for several reasons. For one, it can make it easier to keep track of your gift card balances, especially if you have multiple cards with different amounts on them. 

By combining them into one card, you’ll have a clearer idea of how much money you have to spend at Disney World.

Disney Gift Cards and Mobile Food Ordering

Mobile food ordering is a convenient way to order food at Disney World without waiting in long lines. 

With the My Disney Experience app, you can browse menus, place orders, and pay for your food using Disney gift cards. This means you can enjoy your meal without having to worry about carrying cash or credit cards.

To use Disney gift cards for mobile food ordering, simply add your gift card to the app’s payment options. When you place your order, select the gift card as your payment method, and the app will deduct the amount from your card. It’s that easy!

Booking Your Disney Trip with Disney Gift Cards

Did you know that you can use Disney gift cards to book your Disney World vacation? 

Whether you’re booking a hotel room, purchasing park tickets, or reserving a dining experience, you can use your gift cards to pay for it all.

To use your gift cards to book your Disney trip, simply select “Disney Gift Card” as your payment method when making your reservation. You can also use your gift cards to pay for your vacation package or to make payments on an existing reservation. 

How Disney Gift Cards Work

If you, for some reason, have never used Disney Gift Cards before, here is exactly how they work.

Even though you may not have used Disney Gift Cards before, you probably understand how gift cards work in general. You, or somebody else who is gifting you, purchase a gift card.

For example, let’s say you get a $25 gift card to your favorite clothing store for Christmas. Let’s say the gift card is for Burlington Coat Factory, just for the sake of the example.

The gift card is basically the same as cash, but that amount can only be spent at Burlington.

disney gift cards combine

So whenever you get the chance, before the gift card expires, you would head over to Burlington Coat Factory to shop.

You may want to keep your purchases under or at $25 so you do not have to spend any of your own cash. However, even if you spend a little more money than $25, you still save that amount of money.

Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards work virtually the same way. Although, you can use your Disney Gift Card for more than just food or merchandise.

Guests can use their Disney Gift Cards for basically anything from theme park tickets, annual passes, hotels, restaurants, recreational activities like golf, parking on the property, spa services, Disney Dining Plans, snacks, and merchandise.

Similar to the example given above, Disney Gift Cards are basically worth that same amount in cash. Let’s say you get a $50 Disney Gift Card for your birthday.

You can spend that $50 on anything you would like in the Disney realm. However, if you are planning a Disneyland or Disney World vacation in the near future, I recommend saving it for that. In fact, if you can collect your cards, then once you have a couple, merge Disney gift cards to make things easier. Here’s how.

Disney Gift Card Website

Let me tell you about a magical location that you may or may not have heard of before called If you are like most people, even some die-hard Disney fans, you may have never heard of this website before. And if that is the case, you are in luck! I am about to let you in on something exclusive and amazing.

On, you can purchase Disney gift cards for yourself or give to somebody else. You can also find out where you can use your Disney Gift Cards and what you can use them on to buy.

Business owners and bosses can enroll in the Disney Gift Card Corporate Sales Program, where you can reward your employees with real Disney presents. But the best part is, your employees can use their presents (gift cards) to get basically anything they want within the Disney realm.

You never have to worry about gifting your employees with something invaluable or useless ever again. Imagine the boost in morale and productivity that inevitably comes from knowing your boss cares and rewards you with the Happiest Gifts on Earth! This is a great opportunity for large, medium, and small businesses alike. Check out the details here.

Disney Gift Card Hacks

Now that you know how to combine your Disney gift card balance like a pro, let’s talk about some other Disney Gift Card Hacks you might not have heard of before.

Use your Magic Band

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel or are otherwise staying on Walt Disney World Resort property, you can use a Magic Band. Magic Bands has many awesome features, like functioning as your Genie+ and theme park ticket, functioning as your room key, and much more. Something else that your Magic Band can do, though, functions as your credit/debit card at Disney World. All you have to do is link your Magic Band to your credit card or to your hotel room. Then, you just scan your band for payment and move on. No need to take out your wallet or bag. It is quick and easy. However, this hack only works in Disney World in Florida, not Disneyland in California.

Keep Track of Your Balance

It is super important that you keep track of the balance left on your Disney gift card(s). You would be surprised by how quickly you can blow through your budget when you are not paying enough attention. Every time you make a transaction, ask the cast member how much is left on your gift card balance and write it in your phone so you remember.

Try Target Red Card

Guests with a Target membership who hold a Target Red Card (Target credit card) save 5% on Disney Gift Card purchases in their store. While 5% might not seem like a lot at first, it really does add up! So if you have a Target Red Card already, use it for Disney Gift Cards and save on your vacation.

Ask for Disney Gift Cards

Whenever it is your birthday, Christmas, Graduation, wedding, etc., people are bound to ask you what you might want as a gift. Any chance you get, ask for a Disney gift card. Even if it is not worth a ton of money, anything will help you make your trip better. Later, remember that your Disney gift cards combine online, too.

Try a Survey App

There are several ways to earn free gift cards online. Mobile apps like ShopKick, Swagbucks, etc., can help you earn free Disney gift cards just by taking surveys.

Opt-out of Housekeeping

Once you are on vacation, particularly if you are staying on Disney property, let the front desk know that you do not want housekeeping services. Since you are saving them money, they will give you another Disney gift card! The monetary value of the card will depend on where you are staying and for how long. Like I said, anything helps!

Keep a Little Cash on Hand

Not all locations on Disney property accept Disney gift cards. You do not want to be caught without any form of payment after eating your food or in front of family and friends. So be sure that you have some cash, another form of payment, or that you know this location accepts Disney gift cards. You can also call ahead to a specific restaurant and ask before you go.

Use your Gift Cards as Much As Possible

Since you can only use your Disney gift cards on certain things in the Disney realm, you do not want to go home with $0 in your bank account but still have some balance left on your gift cards. If you can use your Disney gift card for something, do it. It will save you tons of money in the long run, I promise!

In Conclusion…

There are so many ways to not only use your Disney gift cards but also to combine them and get free ones! You should never pay full price for a Disney vacation, ever! And this is definitely one of the best ways to save some cash.

disney gift cards combine

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