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Greatest Disney Scented Candle Companies

Don’t you wish you could bottle up Disney Parks and take them home with you, so whenever you miss the magic, you can pop open the bottle and take in the aromas? With scented Disney candles, you can! We’ll go over the top greatest Disney scented candle companies so that you can bring the magic home with you. After all, our memories are tied to scents, so check out these stores for the perfect living memory. 

Each of these online shops has a variety of Disney candles and other scented items for you to purchase and enjoy. A few even have subscription-based boxes you can get to keep the magic flowing every few months. We’ll also check out the best candles from Bath and Body Works that encompass Disney parks. Finally, you’ll get our ruling for the best Disney Candle shop.

On to the first shop!

Main Street Melts Candle Co

First up is Main Street Melts Candle Co. They ship from Charleston, South Carolina, and will ship internationally. Main Street Melts has various Disney-scented candles, like Boardwalk Bakery, Adventure is out There, and Animation. Each scented candle has accompanying fragrance oil, room spray, and soy wax melts.  

The scent Adventure is Out There smells like vanilla and sweet lemon glaze. Animation smells like mango, lime, and papaya over an ocean breeze. Boardwalk bakery is designed to smell like the cinnamon roll you can get at the Boardwalk Bakery at Walt Disney World. Now you can take this delectable treat home with you and relive the moments of joy over and over with each sniff. 

Main Street Melts also has location-based scents like Cinderella’s Castle, Castaway Bay, and Frontierland. Each unique scent is available in their online store for purchase. The nice thing about Main Street Melts is that their scents come in various styles, so you can bring the smells to your house in whatever way you prefer. 

The Disney Nation

The next shop of the greatest Disney scented candle companies is The Disney Nation. This shop is a family-owned company, and they provide free shipping anywhere in the United States without a minimum order amount. Their products are made to order and they can custom-make just about anything if you ask. The Disney Nation sells more than Disney candles, including vacation t-shirts, diffuser bracelets, hand and body products, and parks keepsakes. 

The Disney Nation has a great selection of Disney-themed scents. Just a tiny fraction of their candles include West Wing Rose, Under the Sea, Wilderness Lodge, Main Street Popcorn, and Make Street Bakery. They also have scented Disney candles for each Pavilion at Epcot, such as the Japan Pavilion with Cherry Blossom scents, the UK Pavilion with English Ivy scents, and the Morocco Pavilion with Marrakech Bazaar scents. 

disney candles

The specific scents for each pavilion make this store unique and special. If there’s one place around the world at Epcot that you love the most, you can buy that candle and relive your best memories of your trip to Disney parks. 

The diffuser bracelets are cool, too. They’re handmade and the beads are made of lava rock. You can infuse your favorite fragrance oil into the bracelet and enjoy the smells all day long, wherever you are. Many of their Disney scents are includes in the fragrance oil list that comes with each bracelet you purchase. 

Wishes Candle Co

Wishes Candle Co is another one of the greatest Disney-scented candle companies. This company is ran by a team of five, who each take on a specific role within the company. This store has a wide variety of candles and other trinkets to choose from. One of their special items is the Pin Candles and Jewelry candles, which reveal a unique pin or piece of jewelry inside when burned down. The shop also includes wax tarts, room sprays, and aroma oils. 

Some of their scents include Lord of the Underworld, which smells like fire, wood, and marshmallow, and Poison Apple, which of course, smells like candied apples. Other Disney-inspired scents include Shadow Doctor, Ocean Spells, Life’s Bare Necessities, and Fall on Main.  

disney candles

Wishes Candle Co also has location-themed candles, such as America, Canada, China, and France. Each one boasts a scent that perfectly aligns with the culture of the location. For example, China smells like Fresh Bamboo, Orange, and Musk, while the France Candle smells like Champagne, Rose Petals, and Sugar. 

Wishes Candle Co has some options for Disney lovers, but not as many as some other shops on this list. However, you should give the shop a chance, as they have many other great products, too.

Mort and Co

Mort and Co is an Etsy shop that sells candles and warmer melts. This shop is one of the greatest Disney-scented candle companies because of its fantastic selection of Disney-themed scents. Many of the candle scents are included as warmer melts as well. Mort and Co are rated Five Stars on Etsy, so you know they’re good. 

The owner of Mort and Co is a life-long Disney fan turned candlemaker. They strived to recreate the scents of Disney Parks so they could bring it home with them. They started with the churro candle, which has helped Mort and Co become a top-rated and recognized company for themed candles. 

This shop has scents specific to rides or movies, and they also have Disney park scents. Some of the movie scents include Pumpkin King (Nightmare Before Christmas), Silly Old Bear (Winnie the Pooh), Frog Princess (Princess and the Frog), and Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid). A selection of the parks-themed candles includes Terror Tower, Jungle River Cruise, Thunder Railroad, and Waters of the Caribbean. 

And don’t worry. The Frog Princess candle doesn’t smell like frogs. It smells like jasmine, lemon, ginger, honeysuckle, wood, violet, and Amyris. 

Magical Candle Company

The Magical Candle Company’s website will take you a while to browse. It’s a massive website with many options for scented items, including candles, wax melts, fragrance oils, air fresheners, electric warmers, bath products, hand soap, pins, and even hand sanitizer. Its variety of products makes it one of the greatest Disney-scented candle companies. This company also boasts wooden wicks, which improve the melt radius and improve the smell of the candle. Just make sure to light the wick all the way across for maximum burning. 

Magical Candle Company has an option to sign up for one of two subscription boxes: Magic Fragrance Box or Enchanted Fragrance Oil. Once a month, you’ll receive a box of scents inspired by Disney vacations. The Magic Fragrance Box comes with an 8oz candle, 4oz room spray, wax melt, and air freshener. The Enchanted Fragrance Oil box comes with four different fragrance oil scents. 

Some of their best-selling candles include Pirate Life (ocean air, fresh rain, and salty-sea breezes), Haunted (cedarwood and classic vanilla), and Polynesian (bamboo, citrus, fresh green tea). Each of their scents can be ordered as a 7.25oz candle, a 13.25oz candle, 4oz room spray, wax melt, 5ml fragrance oil, or air freshener. 

Magical Candle Company also has scents like Beach Resort, Floridian, Wilderness Resort, and Mine Train. This shop also has Disney candles that are Christmas-themed, such as Christmas Parade,  Floridian Christmas, Haunted Holiday, and Christmas Down Main Street. You can even purchase warmers and oil diffusers straight from their website.

Spireside Candles

Spireside Candles is a shop that sells Disney candles in a variety of scents. They also sell wax melts and whipped soaps. The shop also features a few special offers, so check back often!

The scents available from Spireside include Malice in Wonderland (sweet poison potion, venomous flowers, and toxic mushrooms), Pirate’s Revenge (musty ocean water, salty sea breeze, cannon fire, and smoke), and every Beauty and the Beast lover’s dream, Enchanted Library (aged library books, wild roses, hint of leather).

Like Magical Candle Company, Spireside has a subscription box offer, which allows you to choose from three different box selections. Each box is curated with season favorites, best sellers, and new releases. The three options include one whipped soap and two wax melts, r one large double wick 16oz candle and two wax melts, or one large double wick candle and one whipped soap. 

Another option Spireside has is a subscription service that discounts products if you want to receive regular deliveries. You can choose your interval time, and you never have to worry about them discontinuing a scent. As long as it’s in your subscription, they’ll keep making it.  

What is the best Disney Candle Company?

You can’t go wrong with any of these Disney candle companies. If you’re looking for the widest variety of scents, the tie goes to Magical Candle Company and The Disney Nation. Both stores have pages of scents available for you to purchase. When it comes to cost, they’re about neck and neck for similarly sized candles. 

Despite these similarities, The Disney Nation comes out on top. Their quality is the best, and they have the greatest variety of scents, which expand to the World Showcase locations. No other company we’ve looked at includes World Showcase scents in addition to resort scents and park scents. Not to mention, The Disney Nation also has their handcrafted diffuser bracelets, which are unique items that none of the other stores have. The bracelets are made of lava beads and will absorb fragrance oil, so you can smell like your favorite park, no matter where you are. 

Does Disney make candles?

Disney itself does not make many candles. There are a few options on their ShopDisney website, but nothing like what you’ll find at the other stores listed here. You’re more likely to find a fantastic scent that you love in third-party stores. 

What Bath and Body Works candle smells like Disney?

If you prefer the in-store experience of buying candles, you can always check out the scents at Bath and Body Works. They have such a large variety of candles that you can choose one (or a few) to compliment your Disney experience. 

Bath and Body Works has one candle that I think encompasses all of Disney parks. It’s called Fairytale, and it smells like pomegranate nectar, orange blossom, vanilla, and warm amber. The orange blossom is the epitome of Florida oranges, and the vanilla is a comforting scent for most people. And what’s more comfortable than arriving at your favorite Disney park, ready to make new memories? 

Another candle that might appeal to the Disney lover is one called Mahogany Teakwood. This candle can take you back to the Wilderness Lodge and the cozy nights you’ve spent there. 

Bath and Body Works also has a Rose Vanilla candle, which can take you to the beautiful rose gardens of the Beast’s castle. 

You’ve seen the best Disney candles on the internet. Now you can go and capture the magic in a candle (or wax melt or fragrance oil) and relive your best Disney memories over and over. 

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