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Ultimate Guide to the Best Shoes for Disney World

best shoes for disney

Did you know that the average guest at Disney World can walk 10 miles in just one day?  That’s more than double the recommended 10,000 steps per day! That’s why having the best shoes for Disney World is so important.

And while those miles are great for your overall health, they can certainly take a toll on your legs and feet.  The worst feeling is crawling in your comfortable hotel bed at the end of day 1, wondering how you will make it for another 5 days. So what are the best shoes for Disney World?

One of the biggest rookie mistakes is wearing the wrong type of shoes while on your Disney vacation, thinking any old pair will do.  Or wearing a brand new pair of shoes without breaking them in beforehand.

As with anything Disney vacation related, you should strategically choose the best shoes for your Disney trip and break them in accordingly.  

What are the best shoes for Disney World that aren’t breaking the bank? We’ve tracked down a few shoes to help you make the best decision (and perhaps tackle Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebrations); all under $100!  

You’ll want to add these shoes to your Top Things You Need for Your Disney Trip

Why is it Important to have the Best Shoes for Disney World?

Anybody who’s been to Disney World knows that it’s incredible. There are rides, shows, and characters everywhere you turn. It truly is a magical place.

However, it’s also important to remember that Disney World is a huge place.

You’ll be doing a lot of walking, and your trip will quickly become a nightmare if you’re not comfortable. That’s why having the best shoes for Disney World is so important.

A good pair of walking shoes will help you to stay comfortable all day long, even if you’re on your feet for hours at a time. They should also have good traction to prevent slips and falls on the many surfaces you’ll encounter. With the right shoes, you’ll be able to enjoy every minute of your trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Disney World

When choosing the best shoes for Disney World, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider the weather.

If you’re visiting during the hot summer months, you’ll want to choose shoes that will keep your feet cool and comfortable. Breathable materials like mesh or canvas are always a good option.

You might also want to consider a pair of sandals or flip-flops. They’re perfect for hot weather and can be easily slipped on and off as you move from indoors to outdoors throughout the day. Just be sure to choose a pair with good arch support to prevent fatigue.

If you’re visiting during the cooler winter months, you’ll want to choose shoes that will keep your feet warm. A good pair of walking shoes with leather uppers will do the trick.

You might also want to consider bringing along a pair of socks to wear with your shoes. This will help to keep your feet warm and dry, even if you’re walking through puddles or snow.

Before You Go to Disney World

Now that you know how to choose the best shoes for Disney World, it’s time to start packing!

To ensure you’re prepared for your trip, pack a few other essential items as well.

First, pack a small first-aid kit in case you get any blisters or cuts. You might also want to pack some bandages and antiseptic cream, just in case.

If you aren’t used to walking a lot, start a walking regimen a few weeks before your trip. This will help get your body used to the extra activity and prevent fatigue or pain while at Disney World.

Finally, don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen. The Florida sun is strong, and you’ll want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Best Shoes for Disney World

Women’s Sneakers

These KONHILL Lightweight Mesh Slip-on Sneakers come in so many colors, your hardest decision will be choosing which one goes with all of your planned outfits (if you’re like us, you’ve got your outfits planned a month in advance).  They feature a rubber sole and a breathable lightweight knit. With over 550 5-star reviews on Amazon and a price range of $17-30, these shoes will be at the top of your entire families’ wish lists.

For those of you looking for a more traditional sneaker to walk around the parks in, these New Balance Walking Shoes are the perfect shoe for Disney.  New Balance is a classic, credible company that has been making high-quality sneakers for over 100 years.  These shoes offer 4 colors to choose from at an affordable price range of $32-76. You can never go wrong with a classic!

These Dreamcity sneakers are popping up all over the internet’s best shoe lists.  And for good reason. With a great price point, tons of colors to choose from, and a water grip for traction in wet and slippery conditions (Florida rain, anyone?), these will be the perfect walking shoes for making all of your Genie+ reservations.

What’s in a name?  Well, this name should sound like music to your ears.  These Skechers Performance Sneakers are literally named the All Day Comfort Walking Shoe.  Do we need to say more?

Men’s Sneakers

Similar to the women’s option listed above, this New Balance Walking Shoe will keep you feeling comfortable all day long.  From Frontierland to Tomorrowland, a great pair of New Balance sneakers will always be a good option.

Perfect for the more fashion-forward man in your Disney party, these Feetmat Slip-on Lightweight Sneakers will go great with any outfit.  These sneakers are lightweight and breathable, with a soft, flexible outsole.  Amazon reviewers are raving about these shoes, and at a $25 price point, they’re going to be hard to pass up.

My favorite shoe of the bunch has to be these New Balance Fresh-Foam Cruz Running Shoes.  They are both incredibly comfortable and fashionable.  They do run a bit small so make sure you order a ½ size up from your normal shoe size but these will be perfect for both your Disney trip and anything else!  Hey, New Balance, do you make these in women’s?

When you have the perfect walking shoes for your Disney trip, you can be confident that you’ll be able to maximize your time in the parks.  With so much to do, it can be overwhelming, especially if your feet are hurting from mediocre shoes. Hopefully, you’ve found a great pair from our list and are ready to conquer Disney World.  Don’t forget to break in your new shoes before your trip and come back and let us know your experience in the comment section below!

Best Sandals for Disney World

Vacationing in Disney World during the warmer months? Walking sandals for Disney will be your best friend during these in the unforgiving Florida heat.

There are a few things you should look for when purchasing the best walking sandal for Disney: a sturdy rubber sole with good traction, a comfortable footbed, arch support, and adjustable ankle straps.

Sandals or flip-flops with a flat or thin sole will not work in Disney World; they simply won’t provide the support you need (trust me, I’ve tried).

Women’s Sandals

These Aerosoles Women’s Conclusion Gladiator Sandals are perfect if you do not want to sacrifice fashion for comfort.  They have over 350 5-star reviews on Amazon and are affordable, with some sizes costing as low as $27.  Reviewers do note that these shoes run about a half size small so it would be best to size up a half size.

Another stylish walking sandal is brought to you by Born.  Their Tatiana sandal comes in 5 different colors and styles with a price tag ranging from $50-90.  With a rubber outsole and hand-crafted construction, these are the perfect walking sandals for Disney.

Last but certainly not least, we have Clarks Women’s Leisa Annual Sandal.  It’s no secret that Clarks make some of the best walking shoes around, and this sandal is no different.  Over 783 people on Amazon agree, rating these sandals 5 stars. One reviewer stated that these shoes are “Like Walking on Soft Pillows.”  Exactly the kind of sandal you want as you rush towards Space Mountain first thing in the morning.

Men’s Sandals

The Teva Company is well known for making great walking sandals for both men and women.  This Hurricane XLT Sandal comes in 8 different colors and styles with a price range of $40-85.  The shoe features something called a nylon shank which is fancy talk for stability and support on uneven terrain, which will especially come in handy for the purposefully uneven pavement at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The next great walking sandal for Disney comes from Dockers.  Their Newpage Leather Sporty Sandal is affordable and comfortable: the perfect combo!  These shoes offer a memory foam insole that shapes to your foot for instant and all-day comfort.  They also offer heal padding underneath the strap, something that can be hard to find. Reviewers on Amazon do suggest ordering a size smaller than normal as they report these shoes do tend to run big.

Flip Flops at Disney World

If you’re like most people, when you think of Disney World, you think of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. But there’s so much more to this magical place than just the characters.

In fact, one of the best parts of Disney World is the food. And what better way to enjoy all the deliciousness than by wearing comfortable shoes? That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best flip flops for Disney World.

Best Shoes for Kids at Disney

So many kids love anything and everything Disney.

It only makes sense that they would want to wear their favorite character-themed clothing and footwear while visiting the parks.

And while there are plenty of cute and stylish shoes for kids at Disney, sometimes the best option is a simple pair of flip-flops.

Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also easy to take on and off, which is important when you’re dealing with small children.

Crocs Kid’s Disney Clog

Crocs Unisex-Child Kids’ Superhero Clog

Crocs Kids’ LiteRide Pacer Clog

Best Disney World Shoes Tips

#1 – Break Em in

Do not make the mistake of wearing brand new shoes to Disney World–you will regret it almost immediately. The shoes you wear should be comfortable and broken-in before setting foot in the park.

The ideal situation is if you have shoes that are comfortable and already broken in. However, If you do decide to get new shoes, be sure to allow yourself enough time before your event or trip so that you can break them in.

If you want to prepare for long walks at Disney, a great idea would be to get your feet used to it by taking short but frequent strolls.

#2 Comfortable Shoes are Key for Disney

Please, for your own sake, prioritize comfort over style. It is possible to do both with some of the ones I have listed below but if you have to pick, pick comfort.

Remember: It’s 10 miles each day! I don’t care if you’ve got steel arches; leave your heels at home. For your Disney trip, only flat shoes should be considered.

#3 Supportive Shoes

While you pick out those flats, make certain they are supportive. I understand how many individuals adore flip-flops and say they can walk all day in them. And I’m sure they can walk long distances without issue. Even so, that doesn’t signify they’re not concurrently causing harm to their feet.

In this post, I will recommend some sandals to consider as alternatives to flip-flops if having open shoes is important to you. In general, you want a shoe that stays on your heel, has a supportive footbed and has adequate arch support.

If you insist on wearing flip-flops, please do so only with a more supportive pair.

#4 Quick Drying

The Orlando afternoon rain is a regular topic of discussion for me. But you may never know how wet you’ll get on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, even if I haven’t previously mentioned it. Drying fast shoes will significantly improve your comfort level for the rest of the day.

#5 Breathable

Above, I noted that Florida is warm and muggy. If you opt to wear sneakers, ascertain they are breathable. This isn’t the time to don your thick hiking boots. More airflow means less sweat and better comfort for your feet.

#6 Lightweight

This is important for breathability, which runs parallel with the need for ventilation. When you walk 10 miles every day, you’ll notice it if your shoes are lighter. Furthermore, lightweight boots typically offer more airflow and moisture transfer than heavier ones.

#7 Pack A Few Pairs of Shoes

It’s also crucial to pack more than one pair of shoes. I understand that suitcase space is limited and that shoes take up a lot of room, but your feet will thank you in the long run. There are two reasons for this advice.

#1 If your shoes become soaked in rain, they might not have time to dry completely overnight. Nobody likes putting on wet shoes, so this could ruin your day.

#2 If one of your pairs of shoes becomes uncomfortable for whatever reason, you have a backup pair on hand. I alternate between two decent pairs of shoes throughout a trip. This allows my feet to wear different shoes with varied patterns.

I personally bring a pair of sneakers and a pair of crocs. I absolutely love crocs.

Besides Just Shoes

Comfortable Socks

When you think of Disney World, you probably think of Mickey Mouse, rides, and hot weather.

But did you know that comfortable socks are also a must-have item for any trip to the happiest place on earth? With all the walking you’ll be doing, you’ll want to make sure your feet are well-cushioned and supported.

And when it comes to style, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for fashion. You can find plenty of Disney-themed socks that are both cute and comfortable.

Body Glide

If you’re prone to blisters, chafing, or other types of skin irritation, then you’ll want to make sure you pack some body glide. This product can be a lifesaver on long days spent walking around the parks.

Shoe Inserts

If you’re really serious about being comfortable while walking, then you might want to invest in some good shoe inserts. These can make a big difference in terms of support and cushioning, and they can help keep your feet from getting too tired.

If you’re looking for the best shoes for Disney World, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of the best shoes for walking around all day in the parks. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, sandals, or boots, we’ve got you covered. So don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of shoes before heading to Disney World!

Go Ear

Friday 25th of January 2019

A good pair of comfortable shoes are invaluable when you’re at Disney. It’s hard to enjoy the park when your feet are killing you!

Easy -

Friday 25th of January 2019

A good pair of comfortable shoes are invaluable when you’re at Disney. It’s hard to enjoy the park when your feet are killing you!


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

This is a great list. I always make sure to wear my Under Armour walking and workout shoes because they are the most comfortable. It makes all the difference in the world.


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

I wear New Balance, Vans, or Flip Flops in the parks. I try to switch it up so my feet aren't hating me by the end of the day.


Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

You definitely want comfortable shoes when doing all that walking at Disney. I am liking the Clarks sandals and I already wear New Balance shoes. So comfortable.

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