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Animal Kingdom Genie Plus

Have you ever used Disney’s Animal Kingdom Genie Plus? If not, you might be missing out!

Genie+ allows you to skip the regular line for some of the most popular attractions at the park. Here’s what you need to know about using them at Animal Kingdom.


Disney Genie, Disney’s new itinerary planning tool, launched last year at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

animal kingdom genie plus

Disney’s new complimentary service, Disney Genie, and its two paid add-ons,  individual Lightning Lane attraction selection and Genie+, are designed to help visitors make the most of their time in the theme parks and reduce the amount of time spent waiting in line. These services replace Disney’s well-known FastPass+ and MaxPass systems.

Walt Disney World guests will access the tool within the existing My Disney Experience app.

Disney Genie provides guests with personalized itinerary planning, a real-time Tip Board with customized recommendations for experiences, wait times and next showtimes, and so much more.


Disney Genie+ is a paid add-on available to guests that allows them to bypass the standby queue and use the Lightning Lane entry for rides.

The exception to the rule is that you can only hold one Lightning Lane reservation at a time within Genie+. What this means is if, for example, you have a 3 PM-4 PM slot booked for Toy Story Mania, you’ll need to use up that reservation before booking another.

The exception is that if you book a Lightning Lane via Genie+ for later than two hours from then, you may buy another by booking it through Genie+ after waiting two hours. If you make your first selection before the park opens, the two-hour clock begins while the park is open.

animal kingdom genie plus


If you’re planning a trip to Animal Kingdom, you may be wondering if you can use Genie plus. The good news is that Genie plus is accepted at all four theme parks, so you’ll be able to use it to tour Animal Kingdom with no problem.



The new line for FastPasses is known as “Lightning Lane.” These lanes are shorter because you need special access to rides.

From now on, Lightning Lanes are how you “cut to the front of the line” at Disney World. As for how you get access to them… continue reading (spoiler: it costs money).


  • Celebration of the Festival of the Lion King
  • Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
  • Feathered Friends in Flight!
  • Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond! (Beginning June 13, 2022)
  • It’s Tough to Be a Bug!
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Meet Favorite Disney Pals at Adventurers Outpost (Beginning June 19, 2022)
  • Na’vi River Journey
  • The Animation Experience at Conservation Station


Not all rides are included in Genie+; some don’t have Lightning Lanes, and others with Lightning Lanes aren’t part of it.

Animal Kingdom’s Avatar Flight of Passage has a Lightning Lane but is not a part of Genie+. This lightning lane is accessed with a separate purchase.


You can’t pick the time you make your Genie+ reservation. When you make a reservation, you must choose a time that is available at the time, and these times will roll over until they run out.

This means when you open Genie+ at 7 AM for a 9 AM park open, you’ll probably see you can book any ride for 10 AM to 11 AM.

However, when you check back at 10:30 AM after using the reservation, you may notice that some vehicles are available from 11 AM to 12 PM, and others are available from 12:05 PM to 1:05 PM.

There is a little leeway here, owing to Disney releasing more time slots or guests canceling reservations. You may expect the time to move forward by one hour, but on average, you must prepare for these times to advance throughout the day.

How Much Does Genie+ Cost?

For an affordable price, you can Genie+ to skip the long lines at Disney World. With Lightning Lanes, you won’t have to wait as long as those who don’t use Genie+.

Disney Genie+ will also vary in price based on the day you are at the park.

Similar to theme park tickets, throughout the year, prices may be lower on less busy days and higher during peak periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For example, on less busy days, prices will be $15 per guest per day, $22 on some of the more crowded dates, and somewhere in between on other dates 


If you’re booking Genie+ for your upcoming Disney World vacation, remember to check the height requirements first so that nobody is disappointed on arrival. While you’re at it, research kid-friendly activities at Animal Kingdom if that’s somewhere you’ll be going.

“It’s Tough to be a Bug” is not going to need much of your time on Genie+. Is it possible for you to get on “It’s Tough to be a Bug” with Genie+? Of course! If the opportunity presents itself and you can use Genie+, go for it! But this will most likely occur later in the day after you’ve taken care of more important journeys…

Meet Favorite Disney Pals is a popular part of the Disney pals greeting. It’s more common than some rides, but it isn’t something to be concerned about. In any case, we usually concentrate on rides in these methods. If you choose Genie+ number two or three and feel like doing the character welcome, go ahead.

Animal Kingdom Genie Plus High Priority

Choosing what to pick as your Animal Kingdom Genie Plus priority is going to depend on what rides you consider a must-do, but let’s review some rides you might consider a priority.


The least popular of the bunch is DINOSAUR, and its wait times usually drop below 15 minutes late in the day. It’s also somewhat isolated in the park, so line lengths tend to increase as soon as more central attractions.

Kali River Rapids

The weather has a lot to do with how popular Kali River Rapids will be on any given day, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind when planning your visit. If you’re the type of person who likes to plan everything down to the last detail, you’ll want to know that this ride often opens an hour later than the rest of the park. So if you can get there when it opens, you won’t need Genie+.

animal kingdom genie plus

Expedition Everest

Though it’s not one of the most popular rides, Expedition Everest at Disney World is still a great coaster. Lightning Lane might not be as busy as some of the other attractions, but it’s worth checking out. And if you can’t seem to fit it into your schedule, don’t worry – there’s always the single rider line.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is a popular attraction, but it’s a long slow journey that might lose you time if you do it too early in the morning. As a result, it’s unlikely to be your first choice for the day. It also opens at the same time as everyone else’s park does (i.e., not in Early Entry), making it simple to get on right when the park opens to all guests.

Try to schedule your arrival for 30-60 minutes before the park opens, if possible, so you can take advantage of all that it has to offer. It’s also important to note that Kilimanjaro Safaris usually closes earlier than the other rides, which means there will be fewer Lightning Lane return times.

Na’vi River Journey

The Avatar-themed Na’vi River Journey is also popular, although it’s shorter than Kilimanjaro Safaris and is located near where most visitors will begin their day, at Flight of Passage. Animal Kingdom’s Genie+ attraction will be our top priority.


  1. Na’vi River Journey
  2. Kali River Rapids (hot days or if you can’t get there near its opening time)
  3. Kilimanjaro Safaris
animal kingdom genie plus


Genie+ will likely not be beneficial at Animal Kingdom in the near future as the park has been easy to tour this past year, and even with Lightning Lanes added, it remains simple to get around.

Finally, the extra hours access—Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours—is worth mentioning. If you have access to those benefits (and will use them), you’re less likely to need Genie+.

Early Entry is a convenience more than anything else. If you’re spending all day at the park, you don’t need Early Entry as long as you don’t mind waiting in line for a bit.

With it, the park is a breeze, and you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the performances, zoological paths, and other non-ride activities.

Is It Worth It To Buy A Lightning Lane For Avatar Flight Of Passage?

If you have Early Entry at Animal Kingdom, you don’t need to buy a Lightning Lane for Avatar Flight of Passage. You also don’t need to get a Lightning Lane if you don’t have Early Entry but do have a full day.

If you only have time to visit the Animal Kingdom for a portion of the day without early entrance, purchasing a Lightning Lane for Flight of Passage is your best bet at getting as much done as possible.

That’s all just guidelines of thumb. Personally, I prefer to buy Flight of Passage at Walt Disney World any time I’m visiting without Early Entry because I don’t want to wait in a long line, even if I have the time for it.

Disney Genie Plus FAQs

What is Genie+?

With Genie+, you can pay to avoid waiting in line. This perk is similar to the former FastPass+ lines and allows guests to enter through a separate, shorter line.

A majority of popular Disney attractions are available with Genie+, but not all.

You don’t have to purchase this add-on, but it provides significant advantages. All rides will continue to operate with either a standby queue or a virtual queue at no additional cost if you don’t buy the add-on.

How much is Genie+?

The cost of using a Genie+ at Disney World is $15 per person per day. Children under the age of three (who do not require an admission ticket) will not be required to pay for Genie+.

When can I purchase Genie+?

As of June 8, 2022, Disney Genie+ service is no longer available to purchase as an add-on to tickets. If you already have Genie+ tickets, they will remain valid.

Genie+ can be bought for each day of your trip through the My Disney Experience app. You don’t need to wait up all night, though, it goes on sale at midnight for the next day; just wake up a bit earlier instead around 6:45 a.m and; you’ll have plenty of time to select it before 7am when selection opens!

All guests can make their first Genie+ selection beginning at 7 a.m. However, as of June 8th, all guests will need to purchase the Disney Genie+ service daily and it is based on availability.

What is not included with Genie+?

A few of the more popular rides (which also use a virtual queue) will not be included in Genie+. Those specific rides, however, will still be accessible for an additional fee per ride. These include Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

These a la carte options can be purchased same-day, in-park.

Lightning Lane is the name of the queue you will enter at each attraction. The FastPass entrances have been renamed Lightning Lanes.

Do you have to purchase Genie+ to buy individual Lightning Lane selections? 

Buying individual Lightning Lane selections is completely separate and does not require you to purchase Genie+.

More Information on Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most popular theme parks in the world, and it’s easy to see why.

The park is home to more than 1,500 animals from across the globe, and there are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with some of your favorite creatures.

Whether you’re watching lions prowl through the savanna or marveling at the graceful movements of the majestic elephants, there’s something truly magical about Animal Kingdom.

Of course, with so much to see and do, planning the perfect day can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit:

  • Start your day early. This will give you a chance to beat the crowds and enjoy some of the park’s quieter moments.
  • Make sure to check out the Maharajah Jungle Trek. This self-guided tour takes you through an authentic Asian village, and you’ll have the chance to see tigers, Komodo dragons, and other amazing animals up close.
  • Don’t miss Festival of the Lion King. This Broadway-caliber show is one of Animal Kingdom’s most popular attractions, and it’s not to be missed.

By following these tips, you’re sure to have a day that you’ll never forget at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

If you’re planning a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, be sure to take advantage of the Genie+. This will help you avoid long lines and make the most of your time at the park.

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