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Keys to the Kingdom Tour: The Ultimate Guide

keys to the kingdom tour

Keys to the Kingdom Overview

Walt Disney World is one of the most enchanting places on earth. The young and young at heart love screaming through rides at Magic Kingdom Park, traveling the world through the Epcot World Showcase, getting spooked at the Haunted Mansion, and much more.

However, the magic of Walt Disney World does not create itself. An entire hidden domain is dedicated to creating an amazing experience for the millions of people who visit the park every year. The Keys to the Kingdom Tour gives guests a peek behind the curtain into this fascinating world. 

keys to the kingdom tour

This amazing tour shows the life of cast members – how they start their day, take breaks, and move from place to place within the park.

Tour guides also share little-known facts, trivia, and objects as they take guests through Disney World. This gives people a peek into this world-famous park that they would otherwise never enjoy. 

Most of all, tour guides unlock some of the secrets to Disney World’s magic. This involves going backstage in secret locations and learning everything that makes the most beloved spots in Disney World a reality. Prepare to be amazed as you embark on this amazing experience!

How to Book The Keys to the Kingdom Tour

You book the Keys to the Kingdom tour through a dedicated hotline listed on Walt Disney World’s webpage for the tour. This link will take you to that page, as well as other pertinent information. 

How far in advance can you book the Keys to the Kingdom tour?

You can book the Keys to the Kingdom tour up to 180 days in advance of your anticipated tour date. It is also possible to simply walk up and buy tickets if they are still available. However, most travel-savvy individuals would likely advise you against waiting so close to time! 

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How to Save Money on the Tour

Check for deals.

Walt Disney World offers deals on many tours and experiences throughout the year. Keep informed regarding these offers – you might save a lot of money on your Keys to the Kingdom experience! 

Buy a base ticket.

Walt Disney World offers two different types of tickets – base tickets and Park Hopper tickets. Base tickets grant admission to only one park per day, while Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit as many of the parks in the Disney World resort as possible in one day.

A base ticket is not only more inexpensive but more practical, as one can really take in only one park per day.

Stay off-site.

Unless you live in the Orlando, Florida, area, you will need to book a room in order to enjoy your Keys to the Kingdom experience.

There is a plethora of budget-friendly options that do not involve staying at a Disney World hotel. Hotels in a variety of price points ring the resort, not to mention private rentals on websites such as Airbnb and VRBO. Look at all your options – a great deal might just be out there!

Buy items ahead of time.

You know you will want to sport Mickey ears during the tour. Why not buy them ahead of time? Amazon provides great deals on Mickey’s ears, as well as T-shirts and other Disney-themed merchandise. Taking this step will leave you with more money to enjoy your excursion.  

Pack snacks and drinks.

Walking for hours in the hot Florida sun would make anyone hungry and thirsty. You will not regret packing your own water bottle and snacks to bring along with you on the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

Unlike many theme parks, Disney allows visitors to bring their own food and drink. But do save room in your stomach – this tour offers lunch as part of the package. More on that later…

Should You Do It?

As amazing as the Keys to the Kingdom Tour is, it would not be suitable for everyone. There are people who would not enjoy this experience or could join it due to restrictions. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying tickets and heading to Florida.

  • Age.  Disney World does not allow visitors under the age of 16 on the tour. This makes plenty of sense – no one would want to ruin Disney for its youngest guests. 
  • Devotion to Disney magic. Do you adore the magic of Disney? Do you find the thought of that magic being dimmed to be distressing? Then this tour is probably not for you. The Keys to the Kingdom tour, though fun and fascinating, brings the Disney experience down to earth in a way you would likely not enjoy. 

On the other hand, you should strongly consider going on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour if you are:

  • A big Disney fan. Obviously! 
  • Someone who enjoys learning secrets. The stated purpose of this tour is to let guests in on some “insider” information about the park.  Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience!  
  • Someone who loves a good time. Without a doubt, there is lots of fun to be enjoyed on this tour! 

Fun Facts

There are so many captivating aspects of the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Let’s dig into the details of this amazing experience!

What do you do on the Keys to the Kingdom tour?

On the Keys to the Kingdom tour, you will enjoy learning and experiencing: 

Walt Disney

Millions of people revel in the magic that this man created; however, few take the time to get to know him. The Keys to the Kingdom tour changes this reality by giving guests an in-depth look at the life of Walt Disney. Tour guides unveil the genius he applied to Disney World and take visitors through his thought process in designing and building the park.

Fun facts and trivia

There are so many interesting stories and details about Disney World that one easily misses unless someone points it out to them. This tour provides guests with a wealth of information. The hidden Mickeys throughout the park are just one example of the fascinating features that are revealed on the tour. 

Secrets of the Magic Kingdom

Have you ever explored the Magic Kingdom and wondered, “I wonder what happens behind the curtain at such and such a location”? Then you are in for a treat. The Keys to the Kingdom tour goes behind the scenes of iconic locations in one of the most beloved resorts in Disney World and unveils the secrets of these spots to you. Examples of possible tour stops include the Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise.

The underworld of the Utilidors

Last but certainly not least, we come to a world-famous non-secret of Disney World: the utilidors. The Disney World resort is actually housed on the second floor of the complex. The first is a labyrinth of corridors that contains a separate world away from guests’ view.

Walt Disney supposedly came up with the utilidors when he saw a cast member in a Frontierland costume in Tomorrowland and wanted to keep such out-of-place moments from detracting from the magic of Disney.

These corridors help cast members to move between locations, house storage and food preparation facilities, and serve as the headquarters of Engineering Central, the control board of the park’s parades, lights, music, and more.

The utilidors also feature the ingenious AVAC (Automated Vacuum-Assisted Collection) garbage disposal system, which relies on pneumatic tubes to get rid of the tons of trash generated by park visitors every year. 

If you would like to learn more about the utilidors, follow the link to this article full of fascinating details about these corridors. 

Are there any rides on the Keys to the Kingdom tour?

You will likely experience several rides during the Keys to the Kingdom tour. However, it is important to remember that Disney reserves the right to change specific stops on the tour at any time. Furthermore, the focus of this tour is not as much the rides as the behind-the-scenes details about Disney that it offers. So buckle up and enjoy everything you will experience on this tour! 

Tips for the Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Guest requirements

As mentioned previously, guests on the Keys to the Kingdom tour must be over 16 years of age. They must also have a valid photo I.D. to be admitted. So, tour day would not be the time to forget your wallet at the hotel! 


The cost of the tour is $129-$149 per person. This amount, however, is for the tour only – you must also pay the price for general admission to go on the tour. Keep this in mind as you budget for this amazing experience! 


The Keys to the Kingdom tour is mostly outdoors and completely on foot. Thus, wearing sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes is especially important. You should also make sure to stay hydrated. Keep an eye on the weather forecast as well, and bring an umbrella or raincoat just in case the heavens open while you are on the tour. 

Photography/videography policy

Planning on documenting the entire Keys to the Kingdom tour for your vlog? Think again. Disney World has a strict policy forbidding any use of cameras, video cameras, and even cell phones during the tour. Though this is not convenient, it does make sense. Disney does not want all the secrets to be spilled and ruin future tours or the Disney experience for other visitors. 


One of the great benefits of this tour is the fact that lunch is included! Thus, you can enjoy everything you are learning and experiencing without worrying about how you will fix the rumble in your stomach later!


Another neat perk of the Keys to the Kingdom tour is the one-of-a-kind souvenir tour guides give you. Previous tour guests received a key pin with mouse ears engraved with the words “Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom” on it.

Of course, it is important to remember that the souvenir you receive could look different. Nonetheless, whatever you receive will be special and unique to the tour! 

If you adore Walt Disney World, love learning interesting facts and little-known trivia, and want your eyes opened to what makes this world-famous park tick, then you will want to buy tickets to the Keys to the Kingdom tour. You will not be disappointed! 

keys to the kingdom tour

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